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Big Moose Chapel readies its 80th anniversary celebration

The Big Moose Community Chapel will celebrate its 80th anniversary on Sunday, July 24 during the two regular services.

Rev. Dr. Richard McCaughey, who has returned for his 13th year as summer minister, will officiate the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services.

A birthday cake will be enjoyed during the coffee hour.

The Big Moose Chapel family welcomes summer and year-round residents to participate in the services.

All are also welcome to the Chapel’s upcoming events including the annual Balsam Bee on Saturday, July 30, the Bazaar on Saturday, August 6, and the Guides Dinner in Saturday, August 13.


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Gary Lee’s Daybreak to Twilight

Woods, bogs abound with colorful summer flowers, birds

The heat of summer is upon us. I may even have to water my garden which is scary with all the rain we’ve had this year.

The thundershowers that continue to roll through may do the trick. They are hit or miss depending on where the clouds are.

As long as they are not accompanied by winds we will be alright.

The folks in the Midwest who have had more then a dozen consecutive days with over 100 degree temperatures will be looking for a cool place to go.

Our days may get warm, but most nights it cools down to the fifties, or high forties like last week.

If you leave a night light on you will find some neat moths around them the next morning.

Several people have told me they have seen Luna, Polyphemus and Cecropia Moths on their porches, along with many other smaller moths.

The moths and mosquitos seem to be expanding in numbers without any bats to eat them.

The other night we were out trying to catch one of the Loons that got caught up in fishing line.

The bugs were so active on the water that we were constantly Continue reading

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Venetz wins Kim Nelson-Ulrich scholarship

Town of Webb graduating senior Patrick Venetz was the 2011 recipient of the Kimberly Nelson-Ulrich Memorial Scholarship for Math and Music.The scholarship was established in 1989 by MaryAnn and Stuart Nelson, in memory of their late daughter Kim, a 1982 graduate of the Town of Webb School.Kim, who had a passion for math and music, went on to become a math teacher.

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Growing Up Adirondack by Mitch Lee

Cooling down and enjoying summer water sprinkler fun

It was a humid July day in 1973 and the temperature was extremely high even before the noon whistle sounded.

At first I thought it was going to be one of those days that it would be just too hot to play outside.

Out in the tree tops I could hear the cicadas buzzing. It sounded like they were beckoning me to join them, so I ventured outside despite the heat.

Although my dog Mutt had found a cool spot under the shade of a Cedar tree, her tongue was hanging out and she was panting loudly.

I thought a dish of cool water would perk her up, so I went to get out the hose.When I couldn’t find a dish to put the water in, I pulled the hose across the lawn to where she was laying.

The first douse of water that coursed through the hose was way too hot, but the flow of the water from the well quickly cooled. Mutt drank the water directly from the hose, and I took a couple sips too. I then let the water run all over her back which she didn’t seem to mind.

As the day wore on it got even warmer. It was nice just sitting there Continue reading

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Just Call me Mrs. Lucky by Jan from Woodgate

Little slice of full-belly deli: Kudos to the young and uninitiated.

The business of food service, all aspects, is not an easy one. Some folks are way pickier than others and, in their defense, they are paying top-dollar for their food these days and should be able to get stuff the way they like it.

However, there are limits.

Shall we take a little trip to the deli? Any deli, any store, anywhere. It’s Deli Hell. I just never seem to run into happy cold-cut slicers, so I’m thinking that it must be a horrible occupation.  Continue reading

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Raquette Lake: Musician Christopher Shaw to play St. William’s concert on July 21st

Adirondack folk singer Christopher Shaw will perform “Songs and Stories of the Adirondacks” at the Thursday Evening on the Lake series at St. William’s on Long Point on July 21. The concert begins at 7 p.m.

The program is free and open to the public, but due to limited space in the historic 1890’s church, and the need for boat transportation to St. William’s on Long Point, a boat access only site, reservations are required by calling (315) 354-4265.

The barge leaves the Raquette Lake village dock starting at 6 p.m. and returns after the performance at approximately 8:30 p.m.

In case of a severe storm the program will be held at the Raquette Lake School on Rt 28. A pie raffle is held each Thursday to help defray costs involved in hosting the entertainment series.


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Nourished Living: Some simple tips for keeping campers happy and safe

by Dietician Kelly Hamlin MA, RD, CDN

Camping…love it! The boys and I just got back from a great tenting weekend and thought it would be helpful to share a few food safety tips and meal ideas with those of you who are new to the experience.

And for you veteran campers, maybe you’ll pick up something new!

Of course, there are differnt levels of camping. When we had our travel trailer, I had access to a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, etc.

But now that we’re tenters it’s a whole different mind-set.

No matter what your idea of camping is, I think you will find the following tips to be useful. Continue reading

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