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United We Prepare! by Ken Thibado, Survivalist

Post-civilization looks to be around corner

Well, The Great Collapse is here. It’s the Second Depression-or are we on The Third?

The point is: This Is The Big One folks! The long recession followed by a hollow-sounding kurplunk, and the sinking feeling that we’re too tired to swim.

Face-painted extremes from the Right and Left are marching and chanting, while carrying signs bemoaning taxes, corporations, and government.

Factions from America’s Protestor Army have been dispatched to all the state capitals, Wall Street, and various other places of political and monetary power. Continue reading

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Nourished Living by Dietician Kelly Hamlin MA, RD, CDN

Hydration important during any type of physical activity

It’s so nice to see the kids back out there playing soccer, and seeing all the people out for their morning power walks when I’m driving to work in the morning.

However, one thing I don’t see is water bottles. I’m afraid people think that because summer is over they don’t have to stay as hydrated.

Staying hydrated is essential for everyone, but even more so for athletes or anyone participating in any type of physical activity.

Water is the most important nutrient for life and has many important functions including regulating temperature, lubricating joints and transporting nutrients and waste throughout the body. Continue reading

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Webb publicity director encouraged by enthusiasm at power-sports show

Town of Webb Publicity Director Mike Farmer traveled to Syracuse last weekend for the Big East Powersports Show at the OnCenter Complex to distribute information about the area to snowmobile enthusiasts. He was assisted by Visitor Information Center staff member, Cindy Beckley who helped in answering questions from that segment of the public who can’t wait for the snow and cold weather to hit.

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Outside the Box A Look at Webb Sports

Columbus Day Tournament returning this weekend with parade, pep rally, and plenty of soccer action

According to the weather man, we can expect the coming weekend to provide mild temperatures and sunny skies.

Considering the rather gloomy recent goings-on in the world of local high school soccer, the opportunity to come together as a community for the annual Columbus Day Tournament will be a welcome diversion.

No matter their respective team records, everyone looks forward to getting behind the boys and girls at the Allen Stripp Soccer Complex where student athletes past and present will strut their stuff. The celebration kicks off on Friday, October 7 with a parade, featuring floats created by the seventh through twelfth grade classes, each hoping to capture top honors. Continue reading

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Growing up Adirondack by Mitch Lee

Anticipating the arrival of the season’s first snowflakes

Wiffle Ball by Mitch Lee

It was very cold when I woke up that morning in the fall of 1977. My dog Mutt climbed up on the bed and tried to snuggle beside me.

I pulled my blankets up around my head and stared out the window at what appeared to be the first snow clouds. I sat up and drew a picture of the sun with my finger in the foggy moisture on the window. Every slender line of the sun sent a driblet of water down the glass. Continue reading

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Growing up Adirondack by Mitch Lee

Consequences of impromptu parsnip battle well worth it

It was a warm morning as we exited the Inlet Elementary School for recess. All the boys ran like crazy for the playground for a game of kickball.

While we were picking teams we got a bit distracted when one of the older boys discovered a large patch of parsnips growing behind the school.

He pulled a few of them up by their leafy tops.

I watched as he rubbed off the dirt on the leg of his blue jeans and took a big bite.

It wasn’t long before we all joined him in pulling up and eating those creamy white vegetables.

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