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Paper Trails from The Weekly

Billy Martin was among those born to be remembered Had Billy Martin been a film maker, he probably would have found company with Woody Allen, Sean Penn, Orson Welles… those actor/directors that are said to star “on both sides of the camera.” He loved to tell stories and was frequently the subject of stories others liked to tell.

I grew up on the outskirts of Old Forge and, thanks to mobility issues inherent at that age, I was largely “cut off” from the kids and people that occupied “town.”

I had no visible neighbors to the left or right, and the woods beyond my backyard went forever. The Caprons, who would eventually settle across the street, had not arrived yet, so we faced a wall of trees out our front window.

Then, one day, a young man took residence diagonally across the street. Billy Martin was the only adult male I was able to observe regularly, other than my father, and his comings and goings animated the neighborhood.

Youth and inexperience had me first assuming Billy was typical. I mean, you don’t know till you know, right?

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