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Berkstresser and Hiltebrant scrapping for final votes

Democratic primary race still in the air with a tie not out of  the question

The most significant contest in last Tuesday’s primary was probably that between Demo-crats George Hiltebrant and Dave Berk-stresser, particularly for George Hiltebrant and his supporters.

All other primary day candidates had cross-filed as independents and were assured spots on the November ballot, regardless of their primary finishes.

Hiltebrant, on the other hand, put his full fate in the hands of Democratic primary voters, making it incumbent that he win.

Otherwise his quest to return as Town of Webb Supervisor, after having already served in that office for 25 years, followed by a 10-year hiatus, will end.

Right now Hiltebrant is trailing.

At the end of Primary Day, Berkstresser picked up 52 votes to Hiltebrant’s 46. Continue reading

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