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Water Safari heads toward biomass energy conversion

Town of Webb town board lends support to project

Old Forge Properties, which includes Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Water’s Edge Inn and Conference Center, will be submitting an application targeting NYSERDA Green House Gas Reduction and Empire State Development grant funds through the 2012 NYS Consolidated Funding Application to the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council.

At the monthly meeting of the Town of Webb Board on Tuesday, July 10, Gary Ramsey and Tim Noonan presented documents to the Board requesting a letter of support for their project.

Currently, Old Forge Properties uses oil to heat water for the water park rides during the summer, as well as a combination of oil, propane, and electricity to carry the heated loads of water to Water’s Edge and other nearby buildings.

“This woodchip biomass boiler would replace that [fossil fuels],” Noonan said, “There are a bunch of these in the state and we are the first commercial property that is looking to do this. Because we use a lot of energy in the summer time, it makes it a worthwhile project for us.”[aswp id=”2″]

What they are proposing through their grant application is to install a wood chip boiler system that would replace the existing systems and save Old Forge Properties an estimated $84,000 to $110,500 per year. Continue reading

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Local Bear Problem: What’s the next move?

DEC rep meets with Town of Webb officials, discusses wildlife control options

 A presentation was made to the Town of Webb Board on Tuesday by Steve Heerkens, a Wild­life Biologist for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), and Zoe Smith, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Adiron­dack Program in Saranac Lake, at the board’s monthly meeting in Old Forge.

This was very much an update and continuance of previous communications between the DEC and the Town of Webb about local nuisance wildlife problems.

Specifically, reports of undesired interaction between black bears and the human public have ramped up in recent weeks.

Heerkens described a recent episode in Inlet, where property owners entered their home to find a bear intruder.

The offending bear was put down by the DEC based on behavior that made it a potential danger to the human population, according to Heerkens.

A homeowner on Adams Street in Old Forge described three break-ins of his home in recent days, as well.

He asked Heerkens what measures he should take should the bear again make entrance through his door, which has twin-bolt locks.

“Best is to give the bear the opportunity to get out,” Heerkens said. “We don’t need anybody trying to be a hero.” Continue reading

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Town of Webb:

APA approves variance for bridge over Moose River

The Adirondack Park Agency approved the Town of Webb’s variance application to install a non-motorized pedestrian/bicycle/cross country ski bridge over the Middle Branch of the Moose River at its regular monthly meeting held on Thursday, July 12th.

The approval will allow for the completion of Phase II of the TOBIE Trail Project, according to Town Supervisor Ted Riehle who attended the meeting with Webb Codes Enforcement Officer Andy Getty.

The proposed bridge is 120 feet long and 12 feet wide and will be built on the existing railroad bed utilizing the two existing abutments. The bridge will connect Hemlock Street in Thendara to Railroad Ave. in Old Forge.

“It was an exciting approval to assure the next step towards the completion of the TOBIE Phase II Project,” said Supervisor Riehle.

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Health Center Fund looks to redefine mission as local health care services transition to St. Elizabeth’s era

The topic of local health care came up at the Town of Webb board’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, as the local health center closes in on a new era.

The meeting was held at Webb’s municipal building in Old Forge.

Ron Smith, a member of the public assembly, asked the board about the role of the community in the Health Center’s future.

Smith said he was curious about the Health Center Fund (HCF) group and how it would fit with Health Center operations under St. Elizabeth’s Medical Group. And whether community help was needed as the group moves forward.

St. Elizabeth’s is to lease the facility in the coming weeks, assuming health center operations. Smith said he hoped existing quality would be maintained and even improved under the new arrangement.

He said he and other community members could be called upon if their services were thought to be of assistance.

Supervisor Ted Riehle said that for a variety of reasons, the future stability of local health care is best ensured through a hospital group, such as St. E’s, rather than a private practice.

And under this arrangement a more hands-off approach would be necessary. He said the community would do well to offer support to St. E’s. Continue reading

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Moving forward in Old Forge:

Webb town board supports concept of housing project

The Town of Webb Board agreed to support an affordable housing initiative being explored privately at the former Old Forge lumber yard, which has been non-commercial and vacant for about thirty years, according to a request offered by CAP-21.

The board discussed the issue at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 10.

The lumber yard property, which is in the center of Old Forge, has been identified by two regional housing studies as an ideal property for development  and a return to productive use, according to Nick Rose, CAP-21’s executive director.

The plan, which is being presented as conceptual at this time, involves the construction of an affordable, pocket neighborhood project, which would reclaim and renovate the property. Continue reading

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Rochester Philharmonic to perform for first time at Arrowhead Park

For the first time in 14 years, the Fulton Chain of Lakes Performing Arts Council, Inc. will bring the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra to perform at its annual concert at Arrowhead Park in Inlet.

The concert will take place under a tent on July 27 at 7:30 p.m. and will be preceded by a free children’s concert at 3 p.m. and a fund raising cocktail party at the Woods Inn from 4 to 7 p.m.

Since its founding by George Eastman in 1922, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra has been committed to enriching and inspiring the musical community through the art of music.

Now in its 90th season, the RPO has been known for its high standard of artistic excellence, unique tradition of musical versatility, and deep commitment to education and community engagement. Continue reading

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Webb town board gathers Tuesday for its regular monthly meeting

The Town of Webb town board met on Tuesday, July 10 for its regular monthly meeting, where it heard and considered a number of matters on the public’s behalf. Following are some of the items.

• The board received a letter from Jennifer Hartsig which asked the board to consider urging Time Warner Cable to add some currently excluded Okara Lakes residents to its service territory.

She said she and others have contacted Time Warner Cable directly, but that a support request from the town board would be of value.

Hartsig’s request was included in public meeting discussion on Tuesday, July 11 about the town’s proposed contract renewal with Time Warner.

• Mary Lemire, president of the Old Forge Garden Club, sent a letter to the Town of Webb Board thanking the town for its funding support of the Club’s annual planting at the Point Park.

“The Park is a focus for downtown,” she wrote. “[The Club] looks forward to partnering with the Town in maintaining the Park in years to come.” Continue reading

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