Webb town board gathers Tuesday for its regular monthly meeting

The Town of Webb town board met on Tuesday, July 10 for its regular monthly meeting, where it heard and considered a number of matters on the public’s behalf. Following are some of the items.

• The board received a letter from Jennifer Hartsig which asked the board to consider urging Time Warner Cable to add some currently excluded Okara Lakes residents to its service territory.

She said she and others have contacted Time Warner Cable directly, but that a support request from the town board would be of value.

Hartsig’s request was included in public meeting discussion on Tuesday, July 11 about the town’s proposed contract renewal with Time Warner.

• Mary Lemire, president of the Old Forge Garden Club, sent a letter to the Town of Webb Board thanking the town for its funding support of the Club’s annual planting at the Point Park.

“The Park is a focus for downtown,” she wrote. “[The Club] looks forward to partnering with the Town in maintaining the Park in years to come.”In reference to the work done by those who keep gardens, Lemire quoted Rudyard Kipling: “Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.”

• Town of Webb School student Colin Criss acknowledged the Town’s support of a Dunk Tank fundraiser that was held this month by the Student Council.

The event was held at the Old Forge lakefront and raised $526.

• Town of Webb Justice, Jack Graham, gave a critical assessment of the court facility in Old Forge and asked the board to support his ideas for repairing and improving the situation.

Short-term improvement could be made with pavers and fixes that are mainly cosmetic, but Justice Graham said he would like to gear toward more serious improvements as well.

He asked for permission to arrange a grant application to fund the project.

Members of the board, specifically Mike Ross and J.B. Herron, said they would work with Graham to come up with specifics as to a plan.

All board members agreed that improvements were needed at the court facility.

• The Town Board agreed to publish bid specifications for two leases that are up for renewal at McCauley Mountain. Bids will be received by the Board and opened in August for McCauley’s Ski Equipment Rental Concession and Ski School, and for the Cafeteria and Lounge Concession.

Both operations are housed in the chalet.

The Ski Rental contract will contain wording that allows for mild renegotiation if the space becomes altered as a result of possible improvements to the chalet in coming years.

The McCauley Mountain Improvement Committee, which includes Councilwoman Kate Russell and Councilman Mike Ross, is currently considering those changes.

• Councilman J.B. Herron acknowledged the town crews for the work they have done to date this season in making the roads, lakefront and other public spaces look nice for residents and visitors.

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