Parker Snead’s outstanding dedication and leadership improves Forestport

To the Editor: 

Parker Snead’s dedication and leadership in improving Forestport has been outstanding and this is coming from someone who has seen many supervisors come and go in my 76 years as a Forestport resident.

A little over a week ago, the efforts of our Parker Snead reelection committee hit a snag when his only two highway campaign signs were stolen.

Within a few days, eight more of our signs were also stolen. 

On Friday, July 31, our committee replaced all of Snead’s missing signs. By Sunday morning, August 2, three of those replaced signs were once again stolen plus another was vandalized for a total of 14 sign thefts so far.

This criminal activity has been reported to the State Police and they have begun an investigation.

On the other hand, we did receive good news last week: The phony harassment court case against Parker Snead was adjourned for dismissal.

So, the next question is: Since the opposition has failed in its attempt to smear our Supervisor by misusing the law with frivolous lawsuits, is it possible they now hope to succeed by breaking the law?

I’m sure the opposition candidate will try to distance himself from such nefarious activities because he believes Forestport residents are not smart enough to see through the smokescreen.

Parker Snead by contrast, has used his talents and abilities to make Forestport a much better place to live.

The opposition’s pathetic schemes of breaking and abusing the law do not make Forestport a better place to live!

I am confident a majority of voters in our Town can see the difference and appreciate the clean and upright campaign being conducted by Mr Snead.

Every year in late August, Forestport residents celebrate what has become an annual tradition called “Old Forestport Days.”

Our popular festival has a tongue in cheek slogan “there is no law north of Remsen.”

Parker Snead’s opposition don’t seem to understand the meaning of “tongue in cheek.”

William Tapley


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