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Nikki Friedlander booksigning set May 25th at Old Forge Hardware

Nikki Friedlander, of Old Forge and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, will sign copies of her new book, The Divine Journey, at the Old Forge Hardware book department on Saturday, May 25 from 1 to 3 p.m.

The Divine Journey tells the story of Tori Litchfield, a woman who embarks on an unorthodox spiritual journey following a series of personal challenges. Her quest is to make peace with herself and her family through a deepening connection to the divine.

Friedlander graduated from the New York Fashion Academy in 1956, and has been a resident of Old Forge since 1958.

The inspiration for the book, she said, comes from her love of journaling and traveling, but most importantly, from the teachers she has come in contact with along the way.  Continue reading

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New Letty Haynes book chronicles the history of Inlet Common School

Author Letty Haynes

Author Letty Haynes

IMG_2710A book signing event to celebrate the recent release of Inlet resident Letty Haynes’ latest book, Memories of Inlet Common School, will be held at the Inlet Public Library on Friday, May 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The book highlights the history of the Inlet Common School from the day of its inception in the first decade of the 1900’s to present.

Though there is some uncertainty as to the actual year of the school’s start-up (a plaque in front of the school proclaims it was built in 1906, however conflicting evidence shows that it was operating in 1903, or as early as the fall of 1901) the Inlet Common School remains true to its beginnings as a one-room schoolhouse.

Haynes, who taught at the school for 20 years, chronicles the history of the unique school through pictures and personal reminisces.

Memories of Inlet Common School is the second book authored by Haynes. Her book, Memories of Inlet, was published in 2005 through North Country Books.

All are welcome to the book signing. Refreshments will be served.

Memories of Inlet Common School will soon be available for purchase at area bookstores, including The Adirondack Reader of Inlet.

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Adirondack Detective author John Briant to visit Old Forge Hardware for Saturday, September 3 booksigning

I started right here in this room,” said John Briant, standing at the podium in the Old Forge Library wing on Tuesday, August 16, where he was giving a reading from his latest book, As Autumn Leaves Turn.

John Briant presents a signed copy of "As Autumn Leaves Turn," the latest book in his Adirondack Detective series, to Marguerite Kershaw following a reading and book talk at the Old Forge Library on Tuesday, August 17. In the background is Briant's wife Marge. Photo by Carol Hansen

“I would say it was almost 20 years ago. I had signed up for a writing workshop program. That’s where the (writing) seed was planted,” he said.

Briant, a retired New York State trooper published his first book, One Cop’s Story in 1995, then followed it with the Adirondack Detective series. His latest book is the seventh in the series.

In the current book, Briant’s main character Private Detective Jason Black, his wife Patty, and 10-year-old son Jay, are settled in their log home in Old Forge, where Jason continues to work on bad check cases, Patty is involved in knitting groups, and Jay attends school. Continue reading

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"Adirondack Civilian Conservation Corps Camps: History, Memories and Legacy of the CCC" by Marty Podskoch

New book tells story of Adirondack Civilian Conservation Corps

"Adirondack Civilian Conservation Corps Camps: History, Memories and Legacy of the CCC" by Marty PodskochA CCC regiment at Lake Placid

Author to appear at Old Forge Hardware for booksigning on Friday, August 26, from 2 to 4pm

Author Marty Podskoch’s latest book, Adirondack Civilian Conservation Corps Camps: History, Memories and Legacy of the CCC, which chronicles the public works program created by President Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal, will be released on August 15.

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) operated from 1933 to 1942 and targeted single men ages 18 to 25 years, and veterans in relief of families who had difficulty finding jobs during the Great Depression.

The program provided unskilled manual labor to environmental conservation and to development of natural resources in rural lands.

The US Army supervised the camps which had 200 men each.

Some of the earliest camps were set up in 26 Adirondack towns including Speculator, Newcomb, Paul Smiths,Tupper Lake, and Lake Placid.

A CCC regiment at Lake Placid

In the Adirondacks, enrollees built trails, roads, campsites and dams, stocked fish, built and maintained fire towers, Continue reading

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Saturday, May 28th Linda Cohen & Peg Masters to give booksigning at Old Forge Hardware

Town of Webb Historian Peg Masters, and longtime resident, Linda Cohen, have co-authored their second book, Old Forge and The Fulton Chain of Lakes, which contains more than 200 historic photographs of the area with their descriptions.

Most of the vintage photographs in the book were provided by the Town of Webb Historical Association, along with the research materials to describe the location and identify the people in the photographs.

Cohen and Masters also co-authored a previous book of historic postcards in 2003, Old Forge: Gateway to the Adirondacks. Continue reading

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