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DON GOOLEY: Amend school budget to allow reasonable tax relief

What follows is one man’s opinion regarding the 2014-15 Town of Webb UFSD budget, which will be voted on May 20, 2014.

My overall concern is regarding some budget and revenue numbers, and the difficulty receiving an audit trail or backup justification for these numbers.

I believe there should be a decrease in taxes of at least 1% of the 2013-14 levy after two years of unnecessary raises. The current 2014-15 levy is a 2.03% increase. Therefore, a 1% decrease from is really a 3.03% decrease from the proposed levy. Continue reading

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RON SMITH: Proposed tax hike minimal, counters earlier slashings

As members of the communities that make up the Town of Webb School district we have always been extremely supportive, and rightfully proud of our students.

The community support has allowed us to provide our students with opportunities that are difficult to maintain in a very small district.  Continue reading

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Schools, parents, students gearing for Nano opportunities

I have heard for many years, from people in the our town, how great it would be for our kids to have good-paying job opportunities in our area, so our kids could stay here. Well, here is a great opportunity worth sharing with our younger people.

Parents may also want to discuss with high school superintendents, where our local schools are with their Nano Technology programs. Our kids will hopefully be on a nice track for some of these jobs on leaving high school.  Continue reading

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Herkimer & Hamilton counties: State budgets for local pothole repair

With warm weather on its way, we’ll be seeing our local road crews out fixing our roads and potholes.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that our roads are in very poor condition. The especially long and frigid winter we’ve experienced took its toll on our local roads, creating many potholes and other weather-related damage. Continue reading

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Candidate Matt Doheny: North Country’s sad unemployment stats linked to federal policies

The March unemployment report tells a sad story that North Country job recovery is lagging behind the rest of the state and nation.

Here’s how Congressional District 21 counties rank in the state, as far as unemployment percentages…  Continue reading

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