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Webb School Senior Spotlight

Hallie Christodaro to focus on developmental psychology in college

Town of Webb High School senior Hallie Christodaro attended the Inlet Common School from kindergarten through sixth grade before transferring to Town of Webb in seventh grade.

Her high school interests have included volleyball, which she has participated in since the seventh grade,  playing clarinet in band, and the subject of developmental psychology.

Hallie said she would like to study the subject further following her June 2013 graduation and has applied to Cayuga County Community College in Auburn. Continue reading

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Herr-Story by Charles Herr: A look at local days gone by

Before there was Inlet II: James Galvin and the Fulton Chain Club…


In May 1898, James Galvin sold land to Duane Norton who built the Seventh Lake House. But 1898 would present new problems for the association and for Ephraim Myers.

In January 1898, Carthage’s First National Bank’s bank examiners found a $20,000 defalcation by President Myers.

For public relations and friendship reasons, the directors, one who was Kilby, signed a note to repay the money based on their shares in the bank.

Myers would repay them from the proceeds of a mortgage he executed on all his properties.

On April 26, Myers absconded with $6700 from the bank and never returned.

Later it was found he adjusted the books so embezzlements would be hidden until depositors claimed funds.

A year later, son Henry absconded with Fulton Chain Lumber Company books, leaving Peter Rohr with mill operations he soon wanted to sell.

Directors Kilby, Spencer and the others faced severe criticism for their earlier $20,000 note and not immediately replacing Myers.  Continue reading

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Nourished Living by Dietician Kelly Hamlin MA, RD, CDN

Part II: Three cheers for the green, white and black teas

If left to wither, tea leaves are transformed through a process known as oxidation (also known as fermentation) into black tea, of which there are hundreds of varieties.

The longer the leaves are left to wither, the more oxygen they absorb and the darker their color becomes. Hence, black tea is fully oxidized.

Some benefits of black tea are: may aid in bone, connective tissue, skin, hair and oral health.

Black tea contains Fluoride, thus it may improve oral and bone health. Black tea, contains flavonoids which are also found in apples.

Unlike green tea, black tea, once processed, eliminates all antioxidants existing in it. Black tea not only helps to fight bacteria but also strengthens the immune system.

Black tea may also help balance hormone levels, which may help fight stress.  Continue reading

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Martin & Debbie Parent welcome twin sons Cooper and Connor

Debbie Parent holding Connor Lewis and Martin Parent holding Cooper Ronald. Photo by Wende Carr

Debbie Parent holding Connor Lewis and Martin Parent holding Cooper Ronald. Photo by Wende Carr

Uncle Mark Parent, left, holding Connor, and father Martin Parent with Cooper

Uncle Mark Parent, left, holding Connor, and father Martin Parent with Cooper

The tradition of giving birth to twins continues in Old Forge resident Janet Parent’s family as son Martin and his wife Debbie of Rochester welcomed twin sons on February 21, 2013.

Cooper Ronald and Connor Lewis came into the world weighing and measuring 4 lbs., 13 oz. and 19” and 6 lbs., 4 oz. and 20”, respectively.

The newborns’ father is a twin, as was their great great grandmother, Janet’s mother.  Their middle names are the first names of their grandfathers.

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Talkin’ Code with Andrew Getty

Spring building season set to return, permit activity already picking up

‘Spring’ break

The calendar says it’s springtime. The constant screaming of snowmobiles still on the street indicates otherwise.

As the winter season is supposed to be clearing away to make room for hopefully warmer weather, contractors, professional designers and customers alike are starting to come out of hibernation.

From Thanksgiving time, up to and usually including the April break, the code office receives a modest number of new applications.

If history repeats itself, that will change by mid-April.

Phone calls have already increased, which is indicative of what’s coming soon.

This trend is not so different in any other town; however this area is probably unique in that winter arrives earlier and leaves later than most places and over 85 percent of the properties in the Town of Webb are owned by out-of-town seasonal homeowners.

Many people begin returning to their seasonal home in April and May, as the weather allows and the frost leaves the roads.

It’s not until then many people decide on that project, big, small or in between, and start calling their favorite contractor to make arrangements.  Continue reading

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Webb School Senior Spotlight

Austin Down interested in construction, business studies at college

Senior, Austin Down, has been a student of the Town of Webb School since kindergarten. He plans to attend college after graduation to study Construction Management or Business. At the time of the interview, he was considering applying to Castleton State College in Vermont, SUNY/Delhi and Alfred State.

Down gained an interest in construction after working with his father, a local contractor, for the last two years. His favorite classes are with technology teacher Steve Bradish because he enjoys the hands-on instruction of building.

Continue reading

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Growing Up Adirondack by Mitch Lee

Don’t sling mud at the season of renewal and reflection

My significant other reminds me daily of the ability of people to be mindful. From the time I was a young boy I have been mindful and present of all the activities I have been involved with.

I was a good listener and loved to look, smell and touch everything in the woods around my Limekiln Lake home.

In early April of 1975, I witnessed the woods around my house come to life.

I was ever so mindful of this change of season—the smells of the Spruce floating over soft springs of melting snow, the rushing sound of a rivulet stream gurgling with melted off winter, and the warmth of sun on my face.

It was tough-going as I plunged deep into the woods through the foot of soft snow left lingering on the forest floor of Seventh Lake Mountain.

With every step another trickle of sweat ran down the back of my neck.

It appeared that my dog Mutt was just as mindful as I of the smells in the air and the sounds of the forest as she stopped every twenty yards to perk up her ears and nose.

Along the way we found a great boulder that was dripping wet and shiny on all sides. I walked all the way around the mammoth rock looking for a spot I could climb.

The mosses that had been covered by winter snows were starting to peak out along the edges of the downturned surfaces. Continue reading

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