Holiday week promotional push: McCauley’s name to shine in lights over Times Square

Over the next week, McCauley Mountain will be spotlighted under the neon lights in Times Square in New York City thanks to Old Forge Publicity Director Mike Farmer.

From December 27 to January 2, a series of five-second commercials for McCauley will be broadcast from two locations in Times Square.

According to Farmer, the ad will run 120 times on the big digital screen outside the ABC studios and 120 times on the Disney digital screen throughout the week-long period, which includes New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The Times Square ad is part of a campaign designed to promote northeastern ski areas. Horizon Travel Magazine, a Disney subsidiary, is coordinating the advertising campaign.“All of the ads focus on the area’s accessibility and affordability for family fun and emphasize our Adirondack pedigree, because the name has national and international recognition,” said Farmer.

The Old Forge ad will feature the Old Forge and McCauley Mountain Ski Area logos with the text message, “Ski McCauley Mountain, home of 3 Olympic Skiers.”

The background is comprised of three colorful skiing photos with the Fulton Chain of Lakes and the High Peaks in the background.

Additional advertising for McCauley Mountain Ski Area and the Snowmobile Trail System will appear in the The Wall Street Journal Travel Supplement, a magazine insert that will be distributed with the Journal on Friday, January 6.

The ad includes a half-page of text copy with accompanying photos that promote Old Forge as a winter recreation resort destination that offers snowmobiling, lighted skating, downhill and cross-country skiing, showshoeing, dining and lodging.

Farmer said that the winter recreation ad campaign includes a half-page print/display ad that is currently running in the USA Today “Go Escape National Travel Magazine.” It appears in the “Winter Haven’s” edition that is distributed nationally from December through March.

Old Forge is featured in the Northeast section with photos of family snowmobiling, alpine and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

An upstate map is also displayed with directions and the driving time from I-90, I-81 and I-87.

Farmer, an Old Forge native, has been proudly touting McCauley’s long history and tradition since he came on board as the Town’s publicity director in April 2010.

“I’ve told many people here and at Lake Placid—and in Argentina and Aspen—that everything I’ve used in 30 years of professional skiing I learned at McCauley,” he said.

In the print advertising, Farmer mentions McCauley-trained Olympic skiers Hank Kashiwa, also a World Pro Champion, and Louie Ehrensbeck by name, but also includes Gary Vaughn who was named to the U.S. Olympic team, but later bumped down a spot due to politics.

“We are small but unique. Not even Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid can match that record,” he said.

Although McCauley is currently awaiting the arrival of some natural snow, Farmer remains optimistic.

“Winter is coming—it always does! And we’ll be ready for visitors when it arrives,” he said.

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