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Annual Tradition: Raquette Lake Supply Community Ice/Job Harvest

by Theresa Taylor, Raquette Lake Correspondent

Photo by Theresa Taylor

Jim Dillon (who happens to be one of the nicest guys you are ever going to meet) annually throws a dart at his “pin up” oil truck calendar and whatever Saturday in February it lands closest to becomes the day of the Annual Ice Harvest in Raquette Lake.

Okay, not really.

Generally, the date of the harvest is determined by the amount of ice and the availability and proper running order of the equipment used. (Sometimes the Adirondack Museum has it on display and/or the rubber bands, bungee cords and duct tape have to be replaced.)

Photo by Theresa Taylor

Another factor is the availability of the 4th, and now 5th, generations of Dillons who along with their strappingly young and strong friends make the road trip to be enslaved for a day or two by Uncle Jim.

This year someone with the foresight of an eagle, started plowing the ice job area shortly after freeze over which kept it free of this season’s huge (note the sarcasm) snow accumulations.

This produced crystal clear (minus a few weeds) ice blocks measuring halfway to your hips (if you’re six feet tall) by a little wider than your hips (if you’ve been on this planet 50 years or more).

This is a precise measurement so as not to strain the conveyor belts or the assortment of aged workers.

The stars seemed to be lining up as the Adirondack Museum had no dibs on the ice harvesting equipment, or on Jim or any of his brothers for that matter. Continue reading

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