Sen. Farley rallies against a decrease in funds to Town Webb school district

The Town of Webb Union Free School District was spared a 16% reduction in aid by the state following the efforts of State Senator Hugh T. Farley.

“I was very concerned that the Governor’s proposed budget would have resulted in a 16% cut in state aid for the Town of Webb School District. Several of our small Adirondack schools were facing large cuts in aid, and the restoration of these funds was one of my top budget priorities,” Farley said.

Farley said that increasing funding to the Town of Webb School became a priority following recent meetings with Superintendent Rex Germer, Webb students, and Webb officials.

“I am pleased to report that the final budget provides an increase of 13.63% in state aid for the Town of Webb School District. I know that these funds are very important to the community,” Farley said.

The Senate passed the school aid provisions of the state budget on Wednesday, March 27. The Assembly is scheduled to pass these provisions on March 28.

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