Hamilton County awarded big fund to help with internet & broadband

Hamilton County fared well as recipients of a portion of the $738 million that was awarded by Governor Cuomo during round two of the Regional Economic Development Council Awards on Wednesday, December 19.

According to Nick Rose, executive director of CAP-21, the endowments awarded will allow for two projects that will have a much better, broader impact on the county.

The first award in the amount of $1.3 million was made through Empire State Development (ESD) and will allow St. Lawrence Internet Communications to continue to create connections in Long Lake and surrounding areas.

The second grant, also through ESD, was awarded to Hamilton County as part of Phase II of the Hamilton County Broadband Project. The county will receive $1.7 million to invest in broadband to most hamlets throughout the county.

The current plan is to connect the areas along the Route 30 corridor in Indian Lake and down through the southern townships that include Wells, Lake Pleasant, and Speculator.

“The expectation is that, hopefully, by the end of next year, most of Hamilton County will be wired,” Rose said.

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