Speculator artist wins ‘One Square Mile of Hope’ logo contest

Brian Bledsoe of Speculator created the winning logo design to be used on promotional materials related to the One Square Mile of Hope breast cancer awareness fundraiser that will be held in Inlet on September 24.

Bledsoe’s design was selected from a field of 31 entries in the contest that was jointly sponsored by the Arts Center/Old Forge and the One Square Mile of Hope committee.

A reception was held Wednesday, February 16 at the Arts Center to acknowledge all who submitted entries.

One Square Mile of Hope is a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation that hopes to attract paddling enthusiasts to break the unofficial Guinness Book of World Records for the largest free-floating raft.

Inlet holds the official record following its 2009 effort, however it was unofficially topped by a Pittsburgh event in June 2010 where it has been claimed that 1,800 paddlers gathered.

Bledsoe said his singular inspiration for his design was the oar.

“A couple of years ago I noted how the oar signified the unity of the event, so I used it in my design to make it simple and to stand out,” he said.

Bledsoe is employed by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and operates a graphic design and photography business.

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