Local community and Legion Post #893 honor visiting 10th Mtn. Division troops

Troops of 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum were special guests at this year’s Winter Carnival in Old Forge.

A 10th Mountain Division theme was adapted by the Winter Carnival committee in honor of the late Maurice Dennis, a World War II and 10th Mountain Division Alpine Troops veteran.

The soldiers marched in the Friday evening parade, and following were guests of honor at a steak dinner hosted by American Legion Post #893.

Their Friday and Saturday night accommodations were provided free of charge by Enchanted Forest/ Water Safari.

The troops enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at McCauley Mountain hosted by Steve Uzdavinis and Ted Christodaro of the McCauley Ski Shop who equipped them with ski gear. Meals at McCauley were provided by The Last Run Café.

According to Town of Webb Publicity Director Mike Farmer, several of the soldiers said they were eager to return to Old Forge with their families—especially after discovering how close we are to Fort Drum.

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