Forestport: Supervisor Snead doesn’t deserve another term

To the Editor:

Over the past year I have FOILed, observed, researched and found Parker Snead to be greatly lacking in the way he has conducted business as Supervisor of the Town of Forestport during his present term.

I believe he has shown himself to be inept in a number of areas and fallen way short in serving the needs of the taxpayers. 

Over the past 2 years, I have written about his sloppiness with the Town’s credit card in using it for personal purchases. I have shown evidence of his inability to work harmoniously with the Town Board and some taxpayers.

I have described his failure to abide by town procurement policies. I have described mistakes he has made that have resulted in unnecessary costs to the taxpayers.

I have described his improper handling of a zero-turn mower, which should have been declared surplus if the town was intending to retire it.

He entered into a questionable contract with a lawn care service without proper insurance certification from the contractor.

Parker has continuously complained about the “Haters” on the Republican Committee. The funny thing is Parker never approached the Republican Committee. If you don’t ask for support whose fault is it if you don’t get it?

Rather than give you a recap of the complete list of Parker’s questionable actions that you are all probably sick of reading about, I am just going to ask you to vote.

With Primary Day coming on Thursday, September 10, 2015, now is the time for taxpayers to make a change and elect a new supervisor.

There are two other ballot candidates that are far preferable to Parker Snead.

Please consider voting for a change in leadership for the Town of Forestport. The Town of Forestport can do much better than we’ve seen from Supervisor Snead with his consistent bad judgement and misplaced priorities.

The Primary polls are open at noon till 9 p.m. You must be enrolled in the party having the primary.

Dave Ultsch


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