Don’t fall for the smear campaign against Forestport Supervisor Snead

To the Editor:

I am sick of reading slanderous allegations against Forestport’s Supervisor, Parker Snead, and his wife. The lawsuits against them are frivolous and unfounded. It is hurting our town and is a big waste of time (bet the lawyers love this nonsense). Some of these actions have been dropped and apologies made, but no mention is made of that.

We now have twin bridges, a beautiful “Town Hall” sign, rest areas with picnic tables, umbrellas and grills (that many people are using and enjoying), an activity area across from St. Patrick’s Church on River Street that anyone can use, and Porta-Johns around town.

Parker did step on toes when he discontinued full health benefits for people making only $2,000 a year. To me, that seems reasonable. We all know how costly health insurance is.

Cutting the 2015 budget by $127,500 seems like a good thing to me… I haven’t noticed any  downside to that. I wonder how much had been wasted previously!??!

People I have talked to are pleased with the direction Parker has taken our town. I think very few are displeased, but they are making a lot of noise and a lot of unnecessary trouble for our town.

Bill Tapley has stated that Parker’s signs are being taken down. Is that fair, honest treatment of  someone else’s property?

Voters, see this “Smear Campaign” for what it is. Put Parker in office for a second term. If you don’t know him and Joan, meet and talk to them and see the type people they really are.

Don’t believe everything you read. Judge for yourself.

Ann Marie Carr

Proud Forestport  Resident 

for almost 30 years

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