Community celebrates the life of Tayler Schmid at McCauley Mt. event

Hans (back),  Ella, Laurie and  Hanson Schmid

Hans (back), Ella, Laurie and Hanson Schmid. Photo by Gina Greco

Family and friends of the late Tayler Schmid gathered at McCauley Mountain on Thursday, July 23 to honor Tayler’s memory on his 18th birthday.

The family-friendly event, which raised funds for the organization, Families for Depression Awareness, included food, beverages, raffles, children’s games, activities, and a Riggies Cook-Off.

Music was provided by  Paul Case, Jim and Gwen Tracy, John Kelsey & Brian Mulkerne, Joe Bolton, Chloe Barkauskas, and Alisha Robinson.

The evening ended with a lantern release at 10 p.m.

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