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Time and again Bill Hasenauer proved himself a successful Forestport leader

To the Editor:

The recent election for the Forestport Town Super-visor once again proves how very important each and every vote is, be it in a primary, on Election Day, or in absentee balloting.

The Town of Forestport has been served very well under the capable, successful, and experienced leadership of Supervisor William Hasenauer.

Bill’s understanding of people, their problems and community needs and concerns have been met with a firm, fair, and consistent hand over the years of his terms in office. Continue reading

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Budget numbers must add up, whether business or government

There is so much that I do not understand about our government shut down. I am a Republican although I don’t believe that should matter much at our small town level of government. I am a fiscal conservative.

I run a business and the numbers have to add up. You can’t spend more money than is coming into your home or business for very long in the real world.

When Obama came into office, the national debt was 10.6 trillion dollars. It is now 16.7 trillion dollars. That is up 57% so far doing his presidency.

I understand that Democrats believe more in social programs and feel that Republicans care only about cutting taxes for the rich but what we should all be concerned about is the mortgaging of our country and our children’s future.

We cannot keep borrowing one trillion plus dollars per year. Our debt is now $50,000 for every man woman and child in the United States.

Hard choices lay ahead for all of us be it military spending cuts, reducing entitlements, reducing the size of government, reducing foreign aid, raising taxes or all the above.

Sixty-five percent of those polled support raising the debt ceiling.

This has to stop and it is going to be very hard for all of us and our economy to live within our means but it only gets more difficult the more we continue to add to our national debt.

Parker Snead 

Supervisor Candidate

Town of Forestport

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Letter to the Editor Candidate Snead: No No Mr. Bill

 No No Mr. Bill you really do have to stop

Our town needs something new a change at the top

We need to do something to break up you Bills

To bring fair open process back to ourselves


As town supervisor you were allowed two appoint-ments

Appointing yourself budget officer was one of them

That assured that you would have control of the funds

and the highway department budget got way overdone

Continue reading

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A post-primary poem from Town of Forestport candidate Snead


In the wake of the recent Town of Forestport primary, I submit the following poem to you and the Voters of Forestport…

Kick the Can Down the Road

It’s time to take our town back, with the November election at hand

And try to be good neighbors by working hard if we can

To those of you in government remember you work for  us

Country, Freedom, Family, Neighbor and in God we trust


We must stop writing tickets to hire more cops

So they can write more tickets, this has to stop

Property owner’s rights are under constant attack

With an endless progression of more laws and more tax


The Town, the State, the A.P.A with planning and codes

The D.E.C, the Canal authority creating an unbearable load

Many of our townspeople give up on their building plans

Jobs are lost, contractors can’t work we have to lend them a hand


This day and age we would never be allowed to build our humble boat shop

All taxes we paid that our town received, they would never have got

The jobs we provided over the last 30 years would  never have been

Families would have been forced to move south and never come back again


Our Town officials brag about zero town tax while the funds keep pouring in

From ever increasing sales and property taxes Their spending just never ends

Town employees in town owned trucks cruising around all day

Wearing out trucks and burning our fuel while receiving overtime pay


One quarter of our town budget is paid out for employee benefits

A Cadillac plan our consultant said, the employees don’t pay one cent

We have to treat our employees well but we will have to find a way

In this November election we voters will definitely have our say


It’s budget time in October and here is a chance for savings to be explored

By the two candidates running for town supervisor currently on the board

Will they accept their responsibilities by lowering the taxpayers load

Or do what they usually do and kick the can down the road


—Parker Snead, 9/19/13

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LETTER: Absence of rails would mean losses to economy, snowmobilers putting their railway corridor rights at risk

To the Editor:

I am concerned about overwhelming misinformation and false promises being made by ARTA, a group whose ideas stand to harm our Remsen-to-Lake Placid corridor for rail travelers and snowmobilers alike.

As a snowmobiler for over 20 years and a volunteer at the Adirondack Scenic Railroad I understand the value of this corridor, and what we stand to lose by destroying our existing rail infrastructure.

So, before we do something we’ll regret forever, we need the facts.

First, the Adirondack Scenic Railroad is a not-for-profit 501C3 organization (ARPS).

The railroad has approximately 10 paid employees and over 150 active volunteers.

Continue reading

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Letter to Editor Glad TOBIE’s on schedule

To the Editor:

I was glad to read Phase 2 of the TOBIE path project is on schedule.

I didn’t realize the plan was to tear up the front of all the businesses on the Thendara stretch the first of July & leave it that way for the summer.

I hope I will be around for the ribbon cutting ceremony in December.

Dick Bird,


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Letter to the Editor Forestport bridge numbers disputed

To the Editor:

The bridge cost figures outlined by Town Supervisor Mr. Hasenauer’s campaign ad in last week’s August 22, 2013 Weekly Adirondack are incorrect. Also the railing mentioned as “left out of the contract” was not mistakenly omitted from the design package, but rather not included per the direction given by the Town.

The Town voted for us to proceed with replacing the bridges. It has been our goal to complete the bridges in a timely fashion and at the least cost to our community tax payers as possible.

Continue reading

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