Just Call me Mrs. Lucky by Jan from Woodgate

Are these the dog days of winter, or is it just me?

Well here it is, Monday, January 50th, 2013. I’m not sure about the rest of you but this has been one heck of an incredibly long month for me.

It’s been January for three years, maybe because of the brutal cold, maybe because of the shong (short, yet so long) days, or maybe because I’m just cranky.

I need fresh air. I thrive in sunshine, even the chilly kind. But that booger-freezing stuff kept even me inside for days and that never pans out well for this old gal.

Happily, (or not), I’ve kept a mini Diary for the Shut-in, and tried to imagine what life is like for the housebound. Ya know, the folks that can’t go outside due to health issues, or that have no interest in the outdoors.

God help them all.

Seems I’ve unearthed some not-so-pleasant truths about myself and although I’m not real proud of them I will still share, because after all, I’ve got nuttin’ but time, cuz it’s still freakin’ January.

• Board games. Nothing like a good old fashioned board game with friends and family to pass the time.

My personal favorite is Scrabble—of course, because it’s all about words.

January 2013 entry: Huh. Found out today that I have somehow morphed into a poor loser. Never actually liked losing, but now I’m the angry kind that will accuse all other players of cheating if I’m not winning.

Had to physically refrain from tile tossing, thanks to a friend who makes up words and insists they exist—let’s just call her Erin Burns. 

Note to self: Do NOT play scrabble with anyone under 40. They all have the stupid i-phones packed with make believe answers.

• Television. January 2013 entry: Watched yet another Hallmark movie. Gotta love all those happy endings, but jeeze Louise, when finished viewing any of these flicks one can’t help but feel dysfunction lurking in one’s own life.

All that sappy family perfection gets downright sickening after a bit, and I’m just wondering out loud how much religion is truly required to create a caring human being.

Seems to me in real life many folks feel that God and religion are for weekends only—kinda like Michelob.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the dangerously scary exits from church parking lots. God bless and get the hell outta my way, the roast is in the oven.

• Lance Armstrong. January 2013 entry: I knew it I knew it I knew it—been saying it for years, but Lucky refused to believe his big hero bike rider could possibly have cheated.

Not sure Oprah The Guru of Truth was a necessary key player but hey, her failing new network needed a boost.

For some reason I just cannot stop myself from rubbing—no, SMEARING—this in my husband’s face on a daily basis. I’m guessing once February comes I’ll lay off… maybe.

We all know I’ve never sympathized with Winter Whiners and I have no intention of becoming one. Except maybe just this once, because clearly someone forgot to change the calendar and Papa Time is messing with my head.

Or maybe what’s really happening is I miss my Lucky Dogs big-time and can’t wait to get the wiener train a-rollin again… choo choo say I… good riddance to the longest January on earth.

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