Town of Webb Board of Education holds March 15th meeting

The Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education held a meeting on Tuesday, March 15, where it reviewed the following information. This content is a summary does not represent approved minutes and is provided by the Town of Webb UFSD for publication.

Reviewed the Special Education Statistical Update as provided by Mary Starring, School Psychologist/CSE Chair.

The Board discussed the 2016-2017 Budget Revenue and Fund Balance.

Approved the Minutes of the March 1, 2016 meeting.

Approved the Warrants and Claims.

Approved the Treasurer’s Report for February 2016.

Approved the CSE recommendations from the Committee on Special Education.

Approved the Cooperative Educational Services Agreement entered into by Madison-Oneida BOCES and the Town of Webb UFSD effective July 1, 2016

Approved Monday, April 25, 2016 as a Superintendent’s Conference day for school improvement activities, no students will be in attendance.

Approved the Propane Bid from Helmer’s Fuel and Trucking for 2016-2017 school year.

Authorizes that an amount be paid on behalf of the Superintendent to a deferred compensation plan or annuity of the Superintendent’s choice.

Approved the Appointment of Alicia Burnett as a volunteer to assist the Girls Varsity Track Coach.

Approved the Appointment of Kimberly Graves and a Substitute Teacher and Teacher Aide.

Accepted the Resignation of Dana Pashley as Microcomputer Repair Technician.

Principal’s ReportMr. John Swick submitted the following information:

The entire Senior Class has met the NYS requirement for hands-only CPR training. The students who are not covered will receive the training in Health Class.

All faculty were trained on hands-only CPR during the March faculty meeting.

The Carpentry class made standing desks for the elementary classrooms to fill a need that teachers had for this new idea to help students stay focused.

Five Junior High students traveled to HCCC on Thursday, 3/10 to compete in the annual Drug Quiz Show. They were coached by Judy Ehrensbeck and Brendan McGrath, who also chaperoned the field trip.

The National Honor Society Students visited elementary classrooms last week during PARP to read stories to the K-5. This is the final week of PARP.   e have been challenging students to read 15 minutes each night.

Spirit Week began yesterday and hallway decorating has begun!

The 11th grade traveled to OCC with the guidance department to attend a college fair on Thursday, 3/10.

The 9th grade traveled today to HCCC today for Career Day with the guidance department.

Our first Sources of Strength training took place Wednesday, 3/2, with 26 students participating.  his group will be meeting twice a month and planning activities for their peers.

The Fall/Winter Sports Awards took place on Wednesday, 3/2, in the gymnasium to celebrate the accomplishments of our sports teams so far this year.

The modified basketball season wrapped up on Friday, 3/4.  The boys finished their season with a 7-3 record.

The Gettysburg Choir came to perform for K-12 on Monday, 3/7, after they performed at View on their Spring Break Tour.

The Drama Department put on two tremendous performances of The Pajama Game this past weekend under the direction of Val Gaudin.

Superintendent’s ReportMr. Rex Germer included the topics: 

Congratulations to Ms. Gaudin and all the student participants on the wonderful performances they put on this past weekend.

A special thank you to Ms. Herrmann, Mr. Evans, Mrs. Amos and Mrs. DeFilipps for all of their efforts to ensure the success of the play.

Big Frog ran a contest for the best regional mascots. The Town of Webb UFSD Eskimos won for both Herkimer County and Central New York in their online voting contest.

The contest for Central NY was between the Camden Blue Devils and our Eskimos with both schools receiving over 12,000 votes.

Thank you Dana Pashley for doing a tremendous job for us here. We truly appreciate your efforts and how far you brought us in your short time employed with the District. We wish you well as you rejoin the Town of Webb workforce.

We have had a Cisco representative come in to look over all of our network infrastructure as we plan for expenditures of the Smart Schools Bond Act monies approved at the State level.

The Town of Webb UFSD is earmarked to receive just under $100,000 as reimbursement for expenditures related to the bond act.

We have received an insurance check to redo the Aux Gym floor after the damage incurred from moisture. The floor unfortunately will have to wait until summer to be redone as there is a concern that the two weeks of spring break isn’t enough to allow the finish to be removed and allowing the floor to dry out completely before applying the new paint and finish.

We are currently looking at several small projects to be completed in the next few years with the $100,000 Capital Outlay monies.

The boiler burner replacement is slated to happen later this spring after the heating season.

We are looking to possibly complete the glycol replacement part of that project with other funds as they would not fit within the $100,000 project scope when the bids were received.

We are also looking to develop flooring replacement, bathroom remodel/upgrade and door replacement projects for the next few years of work as all these items are on our radar and in need of considerable repairs currently.

The master schedule is in the works. We will be making course offering decisions based on the student requests and how they are able to fit in the master schedule.

The BOCES component schools have been speaking about being able to share courses more freely between schools to boost offerings for all of our students as technology is better able to create an interface that can help facilitate this sharing.

Congratulations to Mr. Best on his upcoming nuptials which will happen during spring break.

We hope everyone enjoys their break beginning this Saturday and that anybody traveling does so safely.

Staffing at school will be light during the break, so if you need anything during that time it is best to call 369-3222 x-2101 to leave a message as that phone will be checked fairly regularly.

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the library of the school.

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