LETTER: Forestport public servants need to be efficient and responsible

To the Editor:

A Forestport Town Board member or a Town Employee has put themselves in a position of public trust. You must use your position and influence to be fiscally responsible and efficient with the limited public resources. You serve the public.

The interests of the Town must come before your own, not only in fact but also in appearance. Your actions should be above reproach.

Until this year our Building and Grounds employees have handled cutting the grass. Apparently this year the grass was not being cut. A town official stated this created a situation that was out of control and needed to be remedied quickly.

Supervisor Parker Snead got ahold of Joann Kwasniewski/ Ritter (Town Board Member) to handle this lack of planning. After all, the grass didn’t grow overnight.

Joann hired two of her relatives at $32.50/hour (who are also related to Ron Scouten, another Town Board Member). This all happened without Board approval.

Both Board Members Nancy Kardash and Charles Scott questioned Parker and Joann about this at the last board meeting because they had no knowledge of the hire. Without their inquiry into the expenditure, odds are no one would be the wiser.

When I questioned Super-visor Parker Snead, he said there were no bids and no estimates because they are not required. He added that if I became Supervisor I could do what I wanted.

Our full time town employees don’t even make $32.50 per hour. How many of you reading this would have cut the grass for $32.50 or less and supply the equipment but never had the opportunity, because of this undisclosed stealthy hire.

I fully expect some sort of retaliation for my concerns even if it’s just Parker Snead limiting questions, comments and public discussion at the Board Meetings.

Stop the fleecing of Forestport.

Dave Ultsch,


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