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Letter to the Editor: Do you remember the ’50s? A lesson for next generation

A lesson for next generation

To the Editor:

Do you remember the 50’s?

I became a teenager in the 50’s.

I met my future wife in the 50’s.

I joined the military in the 50’s.

I decided to get married in the 50’s after all, I was making $78 a month, but not to worry—the military paid me an additional $110 for being married. Life was good, but we were seeing changes.

Here are some comments we may have made or heard in the 50’s:

“If things keep going the way they are, it’s going to be impossible to buy a week’s worth of groceries for $10.”

“Have you seen the price of new cars coming out next year? It won’t be long before $2,000 will only buy a used one” (By the way, in 1961 I bought a brand new 1962 VW Convertible for only $1,500. Life was good!)

“If cigarettes keep going up in price, I’m going to quit; 20¢ a pack is ridiculous!”

“Did you hear the Post Office is thinking of charging 7¢ just to mail a letter?”

“Who would’ve thought gas would rise to 25¢ a gallon. Guess I’ll leave the car in the garage.” Continue reading

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126 golfers participate in 1st Muriel Cohen Memory Celebration

In the Clubhouse, friends of Muriel Cohen get ready to play dominoes, which was one of her favorite games. Clockwise from left are Nancy Jones, Patty Bowen, Renee Leve, Connie Zogby, Linda Slavin, Dianne Slavin and Bonnie Mantle. Photo by Carol Hansen

The Muriel Cohen Memory Celebration Golf Benefit, held Monday, August 22 at Thendara Golf Club drew a crowd of 126 golfers.

The fundraising event honored the memory of Muriel Cohen, a local golfer and active volunteer who passed away in September 2010.

Friends also honored Muriel by participating in activities that she enjoyed, such as dominoes, Canasta, kayaking, and tennis.

A buffet lunch and hors d’oeuvres were also included in the day of activities.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the Summer Golf Camp for Kids at Thendara Golf Club. Continue reading

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Bob Hauck eagles 4th at Thendara

Bob Hauck of Rochester and Old Forge shot an eagle on the fourth hole at the Thendara Golf Club on Wednesday, August 17. He used a 7-iron from 120 yards.

Witnesses were Ivan Kaye, Bob Haughton, and Dave Durfee.

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Thendara Golf Club holds its annual meeting, elects new board members

by Peggy S. Rotton

The Thendara Golf Club, Inc. held its annual meeting at the Town of Webb Offices on Friday, July 8. Club president George Hiltebrant presided over the meeting.

Committee reports were read and/or distributed and there was a vote to increase the club membership to 200 as of 2012.

Dave Russell will chair a new committee that will oversee a memorial pavers project that will commemorate special people or events.

New directors elected during the meeting were John Hopsicker, Tim White and Scott deCamp. Lance Maly was elected to serve a second term on the board.

The board extended a special thanks to retiring board members Larry Britton, Bill O’Connell, and Pat Venetz for their years of dedicated service.


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Celebration fundraiser to honor memory of Muriel Cohen

Friends and family of the late Muriel Cohen are planning a day-long of activities on Monday, August 22 to honor her memory.

Muriel, an area real estate broker and active community member, passed away on September 10, 2011 following a battle with cancer.

Known for her love for life, she donated her time to such organizations as Hospice, The Stanley Center for the Arts, Sitrin Nursing Home, Temple Beth El and the Resource Center for Independent Living, and Hope House. Continue reading

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To the Editor: It depends on the lighting

I may be getting old(er) and maybe a little forgetful, but is it my imagination or has the automobile that the Central Adirondack Association (CAA) is raffling off changed colors three times in the past few weeks?

Maybe it’s a new model, the Chevrolet “Chameleon”!!

Vinnie Dolan



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Nancy Best Shares Local Flavor in Adirondack Story & Cookbook

Nancy Pulling Best, a native of Thendara, has published a cook book, Learning to Cook Adirondack.

A fourth-generation Adirondacker, the Town of Webb graduate has loved writing since junior high school.

“I credit my junior high school English teacher, Annette Eyre, with my love of writing,” said Best.

Her cookbook includes 48 recipes, historic photos, and many memories.

“Recently, as I was looking through my recipe box, I realized I have some wonderful Adirondack recipes that people who love the mountains would enjoy,” Best said. “I have included in my book recipes and my memories of the people who shared them with me.”

Best’s great grandfather, David Charbonneau, was one of the first settlers of Old Forge. Her grandfather and grandmother, Cliff and Edith Charbonneau, lived in Old Forge almost all of their lives.

Her parents, Betty and Bill Pulling, were brought up in Old Forge and raised their family in Thendara.

Best was born in the area as were her children and her first grandchild.

For more information or to purchase a book, contact Nancy Pulling Best at 2985 Powell Road, Blossvale, NY 13308; email: nandidit@twcny.rr.com; visit: www.nancydidit.com; or call (315) 533-0816.


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