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Finished Stick Candles

A simple gift request inspires local cottage industry

Driving north along Route 28, just outside the village of Old Forge, sits a small blue building, which up until last summer sat lonely and vacant.

Finished Stick Candles

That was until Doug Collum of Syracuse and Old Forge, ignited some life into it and began making his signature product, Stick Candles.

Decorative Wax Entrepreneur Doug Collum

Doug’s Stick Candles are handmade beeswax candles in the shapes of sticks that have been cast from Maple, Cedar, Hickory, Ash, and Bamboo trees.

Doug said the idea was inspired by his mother’s quest to find similar candles she had received as a gift many years prior.

“My mother had been given a pair of stick-shaped candles for some occasion, which she kept for a really long time because she loved them so much. Eventually she did burn them, but she forgot who had given them to her and where they had been purchased,” Collum said.

“So, one year I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, and after she explained her situation to me, I told her that it would be no problem to find them.” Continue reading

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