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Town of Webb Board considers changes to Paddlefest contract

The Town of Webb Board discussed an extension of the contract period of Paddlefest, an outdoor kayak and canoe expo held annually at Old Forge’s lakefront, to three years from its current one-year, at the request of John Nemjo, owner of Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co., which conducts the event.

All board members stated support for the event, but at least two, Councilwomen Kate Russell and Mary Brophy-Moore, said they were hesitant about committing to a three-year contract.

Councilwoman Russell noted the continual growth of the event, which she said could compel some changes to the contract before a scheduled three-year renewal. Continue reading

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From left, the Mountainman team of Bill Reynolds, Matt Conley, Dan Beacon, Mick Schoen, Joe Gately, John Nemjo, Michael O'Brien. Photo by Carol Hansen

Adirondack Paddlefest: New clinics, contest, film fest set for 2012

John Nemjo, owner of Mounainman Outdoor Supply COmpany at the Adirondack Paddlefest site at the Old Fore lakefront. Photo by Carol Hansen

Mountainman continues to expand Canoe and kayak offerings at nation’s largest on-water demo event

Adirondack Paddlefest 2012 in Old Forge will present another big outdoor show on the Old Forge lakefront on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 18, 19 and 20.

This is the 14th year of Paddlefest, which has grown from a modest display of canoes and kayaks on the Little League field in Inlet in 1999, to the largest on-water Canoe and Kayak Demo in the nation.

The man behind it all is John Nemjo, owner of Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company, who coincidentally will be celebrating his 20th year of business in the area on Friday.

Clark Lubbs of Mountainman Supply Company, left, with kayakers Judy and Joe McKenie of Illion. Photo by Carol Hansen

Nemjo said Paddlefest was moved to Old Forge in 2007, and the present setting is ideal for for the paddle event because it’s held right in the center of town.

With a sizable beach for displaying scores of the leading manufacturers of canoes, kayaks, and accessories, it also borders the waterfront which allows plenty of area for test paddling.

There’s also more than adequate lodging in town, he added.

“And with the good weather forecast for the weekend I’m hoping for one of our best shows—if not the best. This is a jump-start to our season, a week ahead of everyone else in the Adirondacks. So hopefully everyone in town will realize a large windfall from the efforts we put into this,” Nemjo said.

“This year we have 24 different manufacturers of kayaks and canoes,” he said. “When I started, kayaks were pretty new, but the big new thing this year is the Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP). Continue reading

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Annual Paddlefest returning to Old Forge lakefront, May 18–20

Adirondack Paddlefest 2012, known to be one of the largest on-water canoe and kayak events in the nation, will take place at the Old Forge lakefront on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 18 through 20.

More than 75 manufacturers of canoes, kayaks, and accessories will be bringing over 1,000 boats for sale, while offering on-site test paddling opportunities and instruction to outdoor and paddling enthusiasts of all levels of expertise.

But there will be much more than boats and gear for sale at the event, said John Nemjo, owner of Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company who has brought Paddlefest to the area for the last 14 years.

“This year we made a real effort to expand Paddlefest to make it more of a festival event. We added more free clinics and demos—including demonstrations on paddling technique, Stand-Up-Paddleboards (SUPs) and how to choose the right boats and gear,” Nemjo said. Continue reading

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Webb Board approves contract for Paddlefest after much discussion

Representatives of the Town of Webb Board met with John Nemjo and his attorney, Tim Foley, recently to discuss an agreement between the two parties for future Paddlefest events, according to Webb Councilwoman Kate Russell who, along with Councilman Mike Ross, took part in the meeting. Continue reading

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Webb to consider tweaks to annual event

Jim and Robin Baker, owners of the Pine Knoll Lodge & Cabins in Old Forge, have asked the Town of Webb Board to consider modifying the contract between the Paddlefest event organizers and the town, which owns the lakefront property where the annual event is held.

Specifically, the Bakers say that the closure of the road along the lakefront, to the extent that it is currently done, creates a hardship for their business.

The Bakers say some of their customers are inconvenienced or discouraged from staying at their motel, due to inconvenient access during Paddlefest.

The Pine Knoll is located at the south-east shore of Old Forge Pond, near the start of the South Shore Road.

Paddlefest is a major canoe and kayak event in the northeastern United States, according to John Nemjo, whose Moun-tainman Outdoor Supply Company, an Old Forge business, hosts the event each spring during the month of May.

Town of Webb Supervisor Robert Moore said the town board would take the Bakers concern under advisement.

“[This] needs to be considered for future Paddlefest events,” he said.


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Paddlefest offers glimpse of upcoming summer season

John Nemjo is a gambling man. Each year the owner of Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company brings his Adirondack Paddlefest to the area at a time of year when the weather could be described, at best, as “questionable.”

Sometimes, as was the case last year, his gamble pays off in a big way. Continue reading

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Paddlefest returns to Old Forge lakefront this weekend

Mountainman gearing for big splash; thousands expected for annual canoe & kayak event

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company of Old Forge will host the 13th annual Adirondack Paddlefest at the Old Forge lakefront from May 20 to 22.

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company of Old Forge will host the 13th annual Adirondack Paddlefest at the Old Forge lakefront from May 20 to 22.

The Adirondack Paddlefest is the nation’s largest on-water canoe and kayak demo and sale event and features over 75 of the leading manufacturers of canoes, kayaks and accessories.

John Nemjo, owner of Mountainman Outdoor Suppy Co., said this is going to be the biggest and best event to date, which is not only good for him but for other area businesses as well, he added.

“The people who come to Paddlefest also support many of the businesses in town, and we’re happy about that.

“We feel this is one of the best showcases for what Old Forge has to offer as a family destination and as an introduction to the Adirondack wilderness. We look forward to working with the town many more years to come to make Paddlefest better, bigger and a more well known adventure,” Nemjo said.

The festival will include clinics, on-site test paddling, speakers, instruction, chances to win free kayaks, live music, food, fun for the whole family and over 1,000 canoes and kayaks on sale.

Representatives from dozens of the top name brands of paddling accessories will also attend to fully outfit each paddler with the gear they need to get out on the water.

There will be demonstrations on paddling technique, Stand Up Paddleboards, how to choose the right boats and gear, and more.

There is also a special Kids’ Kayak Clinic with classes held throughout the weekend sponsored by Swift Canoe and Kayak and the American Canoe Association as well as live music, food and fun for the whole family.

Admission to Adirondack Paddlefest is $5 per day with children ages 12 and under admitted free. Visitors can choose to test paddle all weekend for $20 and be admitted free to the show. The $20 test paddle fee is applied to a canoe, kayak, or SUP board purchase.

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