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Outside the Box by Chuck Walley

Katie Connell scores 13, Mercedes Rice grabs 10 boards against Little Falls

Before we get into our recent doings in high school sports, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

As is the case with many of you, our kids are home from college, meaning that National Grid and the grocery store will be seeing a lot more of our cash.

No worries, though. There’s nothing like having the family together. It truly is life’s greatest blessing.

I hope that, despite the season’s hectic and occasionally frustrating nature, each of you will take the time to count your blessings. I know that I will! Continue reading

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Outside the Box by Chuck Walley

Varsity volleyball squad hangs tough in South Lewis Invitational

The Town of Webb Varsity Volleyball Team played a tournament at South Lewis last Saturday, where they showed themselves to be competitive and well positioned for a nice season. Pictured in the front row, from left, are Morgan Payne, Sarah Branch, Daria Orekhov, and Alex Levi. In the back are, Chelsea Balcom, Jordan Levi, Hallie Christodaro, Mallory Kleps, Jessica Menges and Coach Jessica Brownsell. Photo by Kent H. Menges

I, for one, greatly look forward to seeing how our local kids make out during the winter sports season—a lot less dunking than what you would find in the pros and at the college level, but a whole lot more of what really matters. [See sidebar for my thoughts on the current state of professional sports.]

Girls JV & Varsity Volleyball

It was a full slate for the girls over the last week and it would be fair to say that they seem to be headed in the right direction.

It all started on Monday, December 5 with a road trip to Westmoreland to take on one of the more solid clubs they’ll see.

The Jayvees dropped a 2-1 decision before their Varsity counterparts took Westmoreland to the limit.

After losing the opening game, the ladies threw a scare into their opponents by snatching the next two. Continue reading

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Outside the Box by Chuck Walley

Hoops: Varsity squad starts season with impressive tourney win Basketball… basketball… EVERYWHERE! Well, not exactly everywhere. Not yet, anyways. But college hoops are well under way, with Syracuse, currently ranked third in the nation, poised for a great run.

Meanwhile, the NBA owners and players finally figured out how to divvy up approximately four billion in revenue. Must be rough.

While most of us are trying to stay afloat, these guys took their sweet time splitting up a king’s ransom, making sure to hit the airwaves with a full slate of games on Christmas Day. Ho-Ho-Ho.

And, locally, our high school hardwood enthusiasts are heating things up, starting with an appearance in the holiday weekend Remsen Tip-Off Tournament. How did they fare? Read on, and see for yourself. Continue reading

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Outside The Box by Chuck Walley

Girls Varsity team finishes season in solid form; Phaneuf posts another nice run in championship

The trees are almost completely bare and Halloween decorations have been sprouting all over, which can only mean one thing… the Fall sports schedule is winding down.

Still, there are Sectional outings for two of the three Varsity teams and, while the girls soccer squad didn’t quite make the playoffs, they did close their season with a bang.

That said, let’s see what’s happened since we last visited.

Boys & Girls Varsity X-Country

A huge contingent of schools was on hand for the Center State Conference Championships held on Saturday, October 22 at Ilion.

To be honest, this has been one of the strangest years on record for our runners. Continue reading

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Outside the Box

Caitlin Bailey runs to victory, Will Johnson a force in goal, and Varsity boys heading to soccer sectionals

Plans are in the works for the 3rd Annual Craig Sears and Matt Girouard Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser, which includes a basketball tournament, spaghetti dinner, raffle, and numerous other activities, and has received tremendous support from our extremely thoughtful and generous community.

We will be contacting last year’s team captains through Facebook and invite anyone who would like to participate in the tournament, donate an item for the raffle, or volunteer to lend a hand to contact myself or Giselle Kress. Continue reading

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Outside the Box by Chuck Walley

Columbus Day Soccer: It’s about tradition and memories

Columbus Soccer Action...The Town of Webb School's annual Columbus Day Tournament returned last weekend with plenty of games to watch and enjoy, including Friday night's alumni game. Though the local scholastic teams had a rough go, Columbus weekend soccer is mostly about the celebration and the experience which, win or lose, will never be forgotton. Photo by Page Hannah

For much of the nation, Columbus Day symbolizes the discovery of our great land and, in particular, the man who is generally perceived as being the first to step upon its shores.

Never mind that Christopher’s intent was to sail to Asia and, until his death, claimed that he had done exactly that.

Or that he actually wasn’t even the first European to have landed in North America, having been preceded by Leif Ericson nearly five-hundred years earlier.

Or even that millions of humans already inhabited the Americas millennia before good ole’ Chris stumbled upon it.

Oh well, I guess it’s not unlike many of our holidays and traditions… a nugget of truth wrapped in a blanket of misconception. After all, neither yams nor white potatoes were being grown here in the 1600’s, but it doesn’t stop us from piling them on our plates come Thanksgiving.

Still, these traditions do serve a purpose and are rooted in truth. Columbus did open the door for European colonization of the “New World” because, while he might not have been the first here, he was the first to stay. Continue reading

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Outside the Box by Chuck Walley

A Look at Webb Sports

Webb Cross-Country: Girls varsity team off to solid start; Maddie Phaneuf shines with first place finish

Before we revisit the week’s happenings, I’d like to give a special nod to those student-athletes who are participating in two sports.

Many of our cross country runners are hitting the trails as their schedules allow based on their commitment to soccer, which takes precedence. This is no small feat.

Between classes, homework, special projects, and studying for tests, the academic requirements for a serious student are pretty demanding.

Add in other activities such as clubs, National Honor Society, and theater (to name a few) and these kids’ schedules can be as rigorous as a full time job.

Now, imagine taking on the stress of daily practices and games.

That would be like you or I coming home from work, heading out after dinner to do a couple of hours of volunteer work, and then doing a five mile run!

Of course, nobody is forcing them to do it. For these kids, it’s a labor of love. And, believe me, it would have to be.

For those that have been to a cross country meet, you’ve seen runners cross the finish line looking like they’ve been through the Hundred Years War.

Many of them literally collapse immediately after that final step, while others “toss their cookies.” Sorry for the visual, but that was the nicest way I know how to put it.

So, to all of those who “go the extra mile” or, in your case, the extra “miles,” know that you’ve earned our admiration and appreciation.

And, in honor of your efforts, we’ll give you all first billing this week! Continue reading

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