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Candidate Brooker: Concerns of Webb residents

An Open Letter to Voters in the Town of Webb:

As the campaign rolls along and I am out on the streets listening to the concerns of the residents of the Town of Webb, I am hearing all kinds.

I have found that people, when asked if they have any concerns, usually have one or two if given time to think for a moment.  Continue reading

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An open letter from Parker Snead Forestport is enjoying a great summer and great progress

Hello, I’m Parker Snead, Forestport Town Supervisor. This is a special time of year for us, the height of summer, when the lakes are warm, our surroundings are lush and the camps are full.

I hope you and your families are enjoying this wonderful season to the maximum. We have all earned it!

There are a few things that are ongoing in Town government that I wanted to keep you apprised of.  Continue reading

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Allow the monarchs every chance

An Open Letter:

Please help save the beautiful monarch butterflies. Delay roadside mowing until the monarchs have hatched and migrated south.

Right now (mid-July) the milkweeds are in blossom. The butterflies will lay their eggs on the leaves of these plants.

Milkweed plants are vital, the only source of food for the larvae which then hatch into adult monarchs.  Continue reading

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Local Catholic Parishes conducting door-to-door census

Open letter to Catholic Parishes of Old Forge, Inlet and Raquette Lake: 

Greetings and blessings to you. It is with great enthusiasm that the Catholic Parishes of St. Bartholomew’s (Old Forge) and St. Anthony’s (Inlet and Raquette Lake) are continuing to fulfill Bishop LaValleys’s Envisioning Plan.

In his plan, our Bishop is asking every parish to complete a door-to-door census listening to and seeking out the needs of our current parishioners, reaching out, listening and inviting back our inactive parishioners and assuring our support to members of other churches and our community. Continue reading

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Memory Walk: Garden Planting Party slated for Saturday, June 20

Open Letter to the Community:

All are invited to join us at a Garden Planting Party as we help to find a cure for Alzheimer’s during our annual Memory Walk in Inlet on Saturday, June 20.

Keep this garden growing by planting a flower that represents someone in your life: a blue flower signifies those currently suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia; yellow is in support of someone you know with the illness; purple memorializes a life lost to the disease; and orange is to support the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

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An open letter to the residents Supervisors Overview: Candidates sought for several Forestport offices

To Town of Forestport residents: 

I know it is hard to believe, but its election time again and we need you to come forward if you wish to serve our town.

The election calendar is on our Townofforestport.org website.

Most people don’t realize you have to be registered to be a candidate with the Board of elections by July.  Continue reading

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Town Supervisor Parker Snead reports on local gov’t happenings

Forestport Residents: 

While your Town Board was able to cut the 2015 budget about $127,000 from 2014, there is work to be done to avoid adding a town tax.

Even though we spent about $57,000 less in 2014 than in 2013, we still spent about $67,000 more than we brought in. This continues a trend of the past 5 years. Continue reading

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