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Letter to the Editor

Lucky to read Jan from Woodgate

Dear Editor and All,

My mother-in-law sent us a subscription to our hometown paper for Christmas.

I love being up to date on all the latest happenings in Thendara, Old Forge, Eagle Bay, Inlet and beyond!

Your columnists are all very well spoken (written) and informative, but my favorite is “Just Call Me Mrs. Lucky.”

Jan from Woodgate is not only wise, but she manages to convey even the most serious issues with spot-on humor.

Whether she’s griping about the “man cold,” people relieving themselves in her driveway, or the recent tragedy in Japan, she gets her message across as only a smart-ass, sarcastic Upstate broad can.

I pass her articles around to all my clued-in girlfriends and we howl with laughter.

Thanks Jan!

Hollis Tobey Danner O’Brien

Jackson, WY

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