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Lake safety tip: What to know before venturing onto the ice

by Jason Pallotta, Assistent Chief, Inlet Fire Dept.

Jason Pallotta, Inlet Fire Department Assistant Chief, is answering the question, When is it safe to go out on the ice?, which is particularly worth considering given this winter’s fluctuating temperatures.

There is no sure answer to the question as you can’t judge the ice’s strength simply by its appearance, age, thickness, temperatue or whether or not the ice is covered by snow.

Strength is based on all these factors.

Keep in mind that there is NO SUCH THING as 100 percent safe ice.

Here are some general guidelines for New Clear Ice: 2” or less – stay off ice; 4” for ice fishing and other activities on foot; 6” for snowmobiles or ATVs; 8” to 12” for cars and small pickup trucks; about 12” to 15” for medium size trucks. Continue reading

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