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Ad’k Council announces state legislative priorities for 2016

The Adirondack Council has announced its legislative priorities agenda for 2016, that will have the environmental protection organization urging state lawmakers to expand the High Peaks Wilderness, ban most all-terrain vehicles permanently from the “forever wild” Forest Preserve, and address community infrastructure needs. Continue reading

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Environmental Group Report: Adirondack Park ‘poised for change’

The globally unique Adirondack Park is poised for change—either for good or for ill—according to the Adirondack Council’s State of the Park report for 2015.

Much depends on the political leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, said Adirondack Council Executive Director William Janeway.

Changes that are good for clean water, wildlife, wilderness and communities are necessary to insure the park’s future, he said.  Continue reading

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Ad’k Council releases its annual State of Park report, concludes that Adirondack Park is ‘far from finished’

The Adirondack Council released its State of the Park report for 2014 on Wednesday, September 3, giving a detailed account of the accomplishments, major challenges, and disappointments from local, state and federal officials’ actions affecting the Park over the past year.

The best ways for government officials to help the Adirondack Park would be with significant new investments in clean water, infrastructure and invasive species controls, plus science-based reform of the rules and regulations for development, the report concluded. Continue reading

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Ad’k Council speaks to approval of Constitutional Amendments/Land Swaps

Proposition 4 passed with an approval rate of about 72 percent. Proposition 5 passed by about 53 percent.

The Adirondack Park belongs to all New Yorkers. We are pleased to see that the voters support the Adirondack Forest Preserve. It shows they care deeply about the Adirondack Park.

It is our treasure: six million acres of clean water, open space and historic communities, the largest park in the contiguous United States.

We are grateful that the voters approved these two Constitutional Amendments authorizing land swaps involving the “forever wild” Adirondack Forest Preserve.

It shows that voters value the environmental and economic benefits of the State’s six-million-acre Adirondack Park.

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