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Holiday week promotional push: McCauley’s name to shine in lights over Times Square

Over the next week, McCauley Mountain will be spotlighted under the neon lights in Times Square in New York City thanks to Old Forge Publicity Director Mike Farmer.

From December 27 to January 2, a series of five-second commercials for McCauley will be broadcast from two locations in Times Square.

According to Farmer, the ad will run 120 times on the big digital screen outside the ABC studios and 120 times on the Disney digital screen throughout the week-long period, which includes New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The Times Square ad is part of a campaign designed to promote northeastern ski areas. Horizon Travel Magazine, a Disney subsidiary, is coordinating the advertising campaign. Continue reading

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Webb School Board of Education plans public interviews of candidates; final selctee to replace Superintendent Gooley

Current principal Rex Germer among three being considered for position

Over the past several weeks the Town of Webb Board of Education has been conducting a search to replace Superintendent Gooley who will be retiring on January 31, 2012.

The board started with fifteen applicants, said Board President Julie Zaykoski, and after conducting a series of preliminary interviews with the applicants, they have narrowed it down to three candidates.

The candidates will be interviewed on Wednesday, January 4 by select students, instructional staff, non-instructional staff, and any community members interested in taking part.

Student interviews will take place during the school day and will be led by Student Council President Parker Clemens. However, students are also welcome to attend the community interviews that evening. Continue reading

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Hamilton Cnty Coyote Contest Continues

The Hamilton County Federation of Sportsmen Inc. are sponsoring a Coyote Contest in Hamilton County through March of 2012.

Each month, $150 will be awarded to the person who weighs in the largest coyote.

In March, at the season’s end, $250 will be awarded to the person with the overall largest coyote, and another lucky winner will also receive $250 for the coyote with ‘the most,’ or the highest total weight. Continue reading

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Town of Webb school to host drug & alcohol awareness night for parents

The Town of Webb Union Free School District and the Herkimer County Prevention Council will present a drug and alcohol awareness night for area parents at View’s Gould Hall on Wednesday, January 11 at 7 p.m.

During the program, New York State Trooper Dave Olney, who has extensive training in drug and alcohol recognitions, will identify signs of adolescent drug and alcohol use.

A presentation by Michael Nerney, a substance abuse and prevention education consultant, will follow. Continue reading

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Smith Nabs Big Buck…

Roger Smith, an Old Forge native who currently lives in Utica, took this 160 pound, 12-point buck in the Marcy area before the close of hunting season. The buck had seven points on the right side and five on the left. Courtesy photo

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Garden Club brings holiday party to Lakeside Terrace

The Old Forge Garden Club sponsored a Holiday Party for the residents of Lakeside Terrace in Old Forge on Tuesday, December 6.

Above: Loretta Kaye and Carolyn Trimbach draw the names of winners at the Old Forge Garden Club's party at Lakeside Terrace. Below: Brenda Carmer takes her prize wreath from Jimmy Ortiz. Courtesy Photos.

The Garden Club members in attendance brought platefuls of homemade cookies and poinsettia plants for each of the 23 Lakeside residents. Special guest Jimmy Ortiz, owner of Feathers & Boughs Inc., demonstrated how to revive old Christmas wreaths and how to make new wreaths and other holiday decorations. The seven finished decorations were raffled at the end of the presentation.

Winners were Betty Rose Byszewski, Peg Morgan, Phoebe Greene, Dorothy Walker, Jimmy Ortiz, Marilyn Gaebler, and Brenda Carmer.

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Established nearly 50 years, Herron Realty changes hands

New generation: Founders Jim and Judy turn operations over to daughter, Jackie Herron

Jackie Darmody and Judy and Jim Herron, from left to right. Photo by Carol Hansen

Jim and Judy Herron have announced that their daughter, Jackie Herron Darmody, has officiallly taken over Herron Realty as broker/owner of the busy real estate business on Main Street in Old Forge.

Darmody, a graduate of the Town of Webb School, has worked in the business since 1988, so the field of real estate has been a big part of her adult life.

Jim and Judy Herron have been in the real estate business since 1962, when they operated two real estate offices in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Both snowmobilers, they were attracted to the Old Forge area because of the sport. Continue reading

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