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Kiwanis install officers, inducts member

New Officers, from left, Secretary Bob Van Slyke, Treasurer Bill Baumann, Central Dicision Lt. Governor Carol Jones, President Carolyn Trimbach, and Vice Presiden Jim Connerty

At its monthly dinner meeting held Monday, September 19 at the North Woods Inn, The Kiwanis Club of the Central Adirondacks installed officers for the 2011–2012 program year.

Incoming officers are Carolyn Trimbach, President; Jim Connerty, Vice President; Bill Baumann, Treasurer; Bob Van Slyke, Secretary. Directors are Past-President Bob Baker, Chris Gaige, Jim Connerty, Dick Olson, and Bill Ransom.

Kiwanis Central Division Lt. Governor Carol Jones of the Westmoreland Club was the installing officer.

During the meeting, Mike Griffin was inducted as a new member. Griffin is retired from National Grid and resides in Old Forge with his wife, Town of Webb School Counselor Kandis Griffin. Continue reading

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Historical Event: Antique Boat Tour Committee says thanks

Tour Guide Lance Maly with wife Joanne

On behalf of the Town of Webb Historical Association, we would like to thank all the boat skippers and narrators who made our inaugural tour of the Fulton Chain of Lakes on Saturday, September 17 a great success.

We had 15 classic boats and approximately 40 paying guests. We hope we offered an afternoon of value and enjoyment while supporting a great organization.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Rivett’s Marine Service, Dunn’s Boat Service of Big Moose Lake, and Old Forge restaurants Sisters Bistro, Tony Harper’s Too, and Slickers Adirondack Tavern. Continue reading

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Framed Print Prize: Raffle tickets available at Stems & Steins Fest

Bill Brooker, owner of Brooker’s True Value Lumber and Hardware in Old Forge, has donated a guideboat print by nationally-known watercolor artist JC Parker for a fundraising raffle for View, the new arts center in Old Forge.

The framed print will be on display at this weekend’s Stems & Steins Festival at the George T. Hiltebrant Recreation Center on North Street. Tickets will be available for sale during the event for $1 each or six for $5.

Proceeds of the raffle will benefit the general operating fund of View

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Kinderwood class harvest fall apple crop

Every fall the four-year-old students of the Kinder-wood Preschool make a visit to their apple tree on Crosby Boulevard and harvest apples for the next day’s project of making applesauce.

When the kids gathered at the tree on Wednesday, September 21, they found that the tree had been spared from hungry bears and deer and was bursting with fruit.

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Growing up Adirondack by Mitch Lee

My sneakers crunched the stiff blades of grass as I wandered across the frost-covered lawn that Saturday morning in 1978.

Honking geese flew overhead and leaves rustled in the breeze, surrounding me with the sounds of fall.

Most of the trees were blanketed in fall colors and shimmered in the morning sunlight.

I was surprised how quickly the white-frosted ground had turned to a wet carpet once it was hit by the sun.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do that day. I knew if I went back inside there was homework to finish and my room to clean, so it was more fun to stay outside and do nothing.

My dog Mutt was pretty good at keeping me company when I was doing nothing which we both thought was a pretty good arrangement.

All of a sudden I heard a crashing sound coming from the brush behind the house. Mutt and I decided to go investigate.

Mutt’s ears were perked as she led the way into the woods. We saw a ruffle of white tail bound away from us.

Mutt looked up at me as if she was pleading for my permission to give chase. I reached down and touched her nose. Continue reading

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Gary Lee’s Daybreak to Twilight

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, so get out and enjoy it. If you were in an area that dodged the effects of last week’s storm that brought wind, rain, and a possible tornado, you were lucky.

View Crew: Karen, unknown, Mary Jane Rogers, Elise, and Jennifer

Karen was on the phone when the storm hit the White Lake area and the lights and phone went out instantly. I told her that someone must have hit a pole, then we heard a rumble of thunder.

The storms rolled by for over an hour but nothing hit that close to us.

There was a light frost in some areas this week. I had 32 degrees overnight which didn’t appear to have hit my bean and gourd patch very hard.

Perhaps I will have another opportunity to pick some beans.

Retired Rangers Tom Eskin, John Slefts and Mark Kralovic.

The roads to Squaw Lake and Rock Dam in the Moose River Area have been opened this weekend.

The first eight miles of road in from Limekiln is quite rough but passable.

Many birds have beat it out of this area, including a few flocks of Geese that have already gone south. What does that mean? Should we be on the lookout for an early winter?

Many of the birds—Blue Jays, Nuthatches, Chickadees and Woodpeckers—are working the beechnut crop and not coming to feeders very much.

My Hummers have left. The last one was seen at Stillwater Restaurant on Sunday, September 18.

I saw a flock of bluebirds in the fields at the end of Higby Road, also on September 18. And I’ve had several flocks of mixed warblers and vireos working the trees along my driveway in the past couple weeks. Continue reading

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Carol Hansen honored for 40 years of service to Old Forge Library

Carol Hansen at an Old Forge Library function in 1980

Considering her 40-year affiliation with the Old Forge Library, it is not unusual for Carol Hansen to be asked to make a random stop at the library to assist Library Director Izzie Worthen with an upcoming project or program.

Such was the case on Friday evening, September 16 when Izzie enticed Carol to join her in the Adirondack Room to go over plans for the library’s upcoming 100th anniversary celebration.

But much to Carol’s surprise, upon entering the room she was greeted by family, friends, library representatives, and colleagues who gathered in her honor to celebrate her four decades—and counting—of service to the library.

As a token of appreciation, the library board and Friends of the Old Forge Library presented a custom-built cabinet in her name, commissioned by Hans Schmid and Sandy Tetreault of Middle Branch Woodworking, to house archival items and information. The cabinet will reside in the Adirondack Room.

Carol’s history with the library began in April 1972, shortly after her move to Old Forge with husband, Jon, and three children, Kelly, Bob, and Susan. Continue reading

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