Pointed Pine Quilters craft movie-themed quilt for Strand raffle

The Strand quilt by The Pointed Pine Quilters

The Strand quilt by The Pointed Pine Quilters

The Pointed Pine Quilters have produced and donated a quilt to be raffled for the benefit of the Strand Theatre’s “Go Digital or Go Dark” fund, which will help purchase needed digital projectors for the Strand’s four theaters.

Louise Watson, a Thendara quilter, brought the idea of showing support for The Strand to the quilters’ group, which agreed to create a quilt.

Claire Oehler came up with the idea of enlarging DVD images to 150%, which proved a perfect quilt square size.

Oehler chose classic films such as Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, and the contemporary films, Mama Mia, Lord of the Rings, Life of Pi and Star Wars. She enlarged and transferred twenty-five images onto fabric, then bordered each with black and white.

Watson and Oehler searched to find a black and white print fabric with an appropriate design for the quilt edges. The design is complemented by a print depicting uncoiled spools of film.

Oehler assembled the quilt top, Margaret Sykes of Woodgate did the quilting, and Caroline O’Hara of Inlet bound the edges.

Bob Card and Helen Zyma, co-owners of The Strand, picked up the quilt on Tuesday, April 30, for display at The Strand.

Raffle tickets will be available at The Strand from early May, as well as the Farmer’s Market.

The drawing will be held in the autumn. Posters of the quilt will likely be available for sale too.

“We feel pretty excited about it,” Oehler said. “Bob and Helen are so generous to the community in so many different ways. I think it’s the least we can do.”

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