Town of Webb Health Center transition nears with NYS inspection set May 6

Representatives from the New York State Health Department will be on site at the Town of Webb Health Center on Monday, May 6 to perform a final inspection to ensure the building meets the NYSHD’s hospital code as a primary care office

Once the facility passes inspection, it will be added to St. Elizabeth’s operating certificate.

Having already received documents concerning fire alarm and air conditioning testing, Health Department officials will walk through the building to verify that changes have been made and the building is completely up to code.

Provided everything is satisfactory, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center will be notified within 24 hours that the Town of Webb Health Center can be added to its operating certificate.

St. Elizabeth’s Chief Operating Officer Robert Scholefield said patients at the health center may have already noticed some changes, including the new computer for registration, adjustments to the entryway, and the isolation of Dr. Rintrona’s dentist office from the doctor’s office.

As far as big changes, Scholefield said the staff will now be on the St. Elizabeth’s payroll.

St. Elizabeth’s is still recruiting primary care physicians to join Dr. Socash at the Health Center, according to Scholefield. However, due to high levels of competition throughout the country, and the rural location, they have yet to find a good fit for the town.

“We certainly want to find someone that you’re all going to be comfortable with for the long run,” he said.

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