Webb board resolves to start lease with St. Elizabeth’s on March 1

At a special meeting of the Town of Webb Town Board on Monday, February 25, a resolution was adopted, subject to permissive referendum, regarding a lease agreement between the Town of Webb and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.

It was resolved that the town board agreed and approved the terms and conditions of the lease and that the lease will commence on Friday, March 1.

It was also resolved that Supervisor Riehle has been authorized to sign, execute, and deliver this amendment to the lease agreement between the Town of Webb and the Medical Center and other such documents that may be necessary to effectuate the terms and conditions of the resolution.

The resolution is subject to a permissive referendum, which means that the public has 30 days from the day of adoption to submit their complaints via letter.

Because February is a short month, all letters must be filed before Thursday, March 28.

The lease agreement between the Town and the Medical Center states that St. Elizabeth’s will acquire a 5,100 square foot area in the Health Center building for an initial term of 15 years with a renewal option of five years.

Pursuant to the terms of the lease agreement, the Medical Center has agreed to pay and be responsible for the building renovations that are necessary to bring the space into compliance with New York State Health

Department standards.

This does not include plumbing, heating ventilation, and air conditioning systems, which will remain the responsibility of the Town.

The Town will also be responsible for the costs and expenses of the changes and renovations that are necessary to accommodate the dental and HASCA offices. According to the agreement, the Medical Center will also be initially responsible for engaging the architects and construction firms, and their expenses, for the changes to the Health Care Center building as well as the costs and expenses relating to the dental office, HASCA office, and the heating, plumbing, ventilating and air conditioning systems which were the responsibility of the Town.

It was decided that the Town would pay the Medical Center back through rental credits or set off equal to those costs and expenses.

It was determined and agreed that the Town’s share of the costs will be $251,000. It was necessary to amend the lease agreement dated August 17, 2012 to provide for such credits and set offs.

A copy of the amendment of the lease agreement is on file with the Town of Webb Town Clerk and can be reviewed during normal business hours.

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