McCauley Fest: Popular local musicians to share stage too

Case, Liebing, and Notarthomas looking forward to great day of music

Other Native Upstate musicians that are known for great live performances and enthusiastic followings—and who will be performing at the McCauley Music Festival on Saturday, August 6—are Jon Liebing, Jamie Notarthomas, and The Nards featuring Paul Case.

Paul Case

When asked about the festival, Paul Case said he is excited that such a day of music is being held locally.

“It’s a great thing to come to Old Forge,” he said. “And we’re looking for it to take off and be a great success. There’s going to be some really great music, and because it’s a day-long event we’ll try to get as many locals on as we can and see what happens.”

When asked about the headline act, Case described 10,000 Maniacs as “a staple of American music.”

Jamie Notarthomas

Singer/songwriter Jamie Notarthomas has been key in the region’s underground music scene since the late ’80s, performing an average of 200 shows a year throughout the eastern U.S.

Over the years, he has become known for thought-provoking songwriting and electrifying performances.

Critics have compared his style to the likes of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Neil Young.

And he’s anxious to perform at next Saturday’s McCauley Festival.

“It’s a really nice setting up there…I’m looking forward to playing the show and hearing all those good bands,” he said.

Jamie is no stranger to the Old Forge and Inlet areas, having performed here numerous times over the years.

While in Old Forge he said he also like to take in the outdoors.

“I like to swim in as many fresh bodies of water as I can find—and there are a lot of them there,” he said.

He also spends time climbing Bald Mountain, horseback riding, and riding the slides with his son at Water Safari.

He said he plans to ski McCauley for the first time this winter.

Notarthomas said he has a little history with the 10,000 Maniacs, having opened for them at an Alfred University anti-nukes benefit.

They went on to play other gigs together around upstate New York.

Notarthomas said the band liked his music and later offered help with his first album.

It contained two songs, “Minus One” and “On My Own” where Notarthomas was accompanied by the 10,000 Maniacs.

“Out of the famous people I have met over the years, they were some of the nicest and most art-loving,” Notharthomas said.

Jon Liebing

Singer-songwriter Jon Liebing’s solo acoustic and original music has been well known to Central New Yorkers since the 1980’s.

A few of his popular songs include “Trains,” “Bottleneck Pond” and “These Flowers Faded.”

Though not a native, Liebing said he loves Old Forge.

“Old Forge is a great town with great people. Coming here is like coming home. Every time I leave, I feel like I’m leaving home,” he said.

Liebing said he performed at last year’s McCauley Festival and really enjoyed it.

“Nick, Felicity, and Gary from ARO [the event’s organizers] are great people… and I’m honored to have been invited back,” he said.

“The location is great, it’s a beautiful place. But what really makes the festival special is the people.”

He is also looking forward to seeing one of his favorite musicians, Paul Case, perform.

Liebing said he has always enjoyed 10,000 Maniacs’ music, but hasn’t seen them with Mary Ramsey.

“I’ve heard their new music and she’s good. She plays a mean fiddle—you can’t go wrong with that,” he said.

Liebing has played at nearly every venue in town, some of his favorites being Slickers, Daiker’s, Tony Harper’s and the TOW Bar.

“I love playing here because when I go to a bar, everyone who is there is happy to be there. They genuinely like the bartenders, waitstaff, owners. These people are their friends and family; and I’m lucky enough to play for them and make them happy, and that’s what it’s really all about. Everyone here has the same mentality, no one is pretentious. They’re all laid back mountain people and there’s a great energy to the town,” he said.


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