Inlet to host ‘Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil’ on Tuesday, Nov. 13th by Margie O’Hara

Many people have had a friend or relative who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. And yet, unlike other cancers, such as breast cancer, little is heard about this disease.

On Tuesday, November 13 at 7 p.m. at the Inlet Town Hall in Arrowhead Park, all are invited to join over 250 other groups, nationally and internationally, to “Shine a Light on Lung Cancer.”

The intent of the vigil is to lend support to survivors, to those currently battling lung cancer, as well as to those who have lost someone to the disease.

And, as importantly, the vigil brings attention to lung cancer in the hope of urging government officials to press for more funding for lung cancer research and treatment.

The Inlet vigil came about when Adele Burnett, Inlet’s Tourism Director, learned of the project.Her father, Edward Murdock, had succumbed to lung cancer in October 2008 and then her grandfather, Ted Payne, in 2010.

She mentioned it to me, knowing that my brother Don Hodel had died of lung cancer in 2005.

Mike Drake’s lung cancer death during the past year came up…and the Inlet “Shine a Light on Lung Cancer” Vigil was born.

The November 13 program will be fairly brief.

It will involve a blessing on the attendees and those they represent, photos and memory boards of lung cancer victims, and a brief talk on advances in lung cancer treatment by a medical professional.

Personal stories may be shared at the discretion of those attending.

The gathering will conclude with the lighting of glow sticks and a moment of silent remembrance at the Town Board meeting. Refreshments will follow.

Those who would like to bring photos and/or memory boards to include a loved one or friend in the vigil are urged to contact Adele Burnett at the Inlet Information Office at (315) 357-5501.

Although the primary goal for the “Shine a Light on Lung Cancer” the vigil is to raise awareness about lung cancer in the hope of expanding research opportunities, the vigil website includes opportunities for donations to the cause.

The sponsor of the vigil is the Lung Cancer Alliance: The Inlet vigil website is inletvigil.

Please set aside a little time on the evening of November 13 to help raise awareness about lung cancer. Watch for more information in the coming weeks.


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