Old Forge Fire Chief educates Webb students about fire safety

Old Forge Volunteer Fire Department Chief Charlie Bogardus paid visits to Kinderwood Preschool students and elementary students at the Town of Webb School this week to educate them on the basics of fire safety.

Chief Bogardus met with the three-year-old Kinderwood class on Wednesday, October 10 and talked to them about the dangers of handling matches and cigarette lighters, the importance of testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and how to Stop, Drop and Roll in the event of a fire.

He also brought along a fire phone prop and showed them how to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Following the demonstrations, Chief Bogardus gave the fire phone to Head Teacher Diane Heroux so she can reinforce the emergency skill with her students, and fire hats were distributed to the students.Volunteer firefighter Larry Ventura assisted Chief Bogardus in bringing fire prevention education to TOW School students in grades kindergarten through fourth the next day.

They instructed students on how to involve the whole family by coming up with a collective escape plan in the event of a house fire and how to be proactive and take up the task of conducting a monthly test of their home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Frisbees, bookmarks, and refrigerator magnets printed with fire prevention tips were distributed to all the students so they could be reminded of what to do in case of a fire emergency.

Chief Bogardus, a fifth-generation firefighter who has been involved in fire service for 26 years, said he has been bringing the fire prevention message to area students for the past four years during National Fire Prevention Week, which is being observed this year from October 7 through 13.

“We are trying to teach them to be prepared in a fire emergency and the importance of getting the whole family involved. We encourage parents to work with their kids and look over the materials we have provided them with, and are grateful to the teachers and administrators at the school who have allowed us to spread our message of safety,” Bogardus said.

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