Town of Webb Ski Competition: Varsity Alpine teams take firsts in three competitions

Hunter Lawrence

West Tickner

The Town of Webb Varsity Alpine Ski Team competed in a slalom event at McCauley Mountain on Saturday, January 21. The course was tough, as it was icy on the headwall and at the flush near the end of the race.

Despite the conditions however, the TOW girls’ and boys’ teams each took first place honors. Jessica Hannah took first place in the first run with a time of 50.72 seconds, and Mara Gaffney took second with a time of 56.15 seconds.

Lexie Haehl took 6th place, Camry Liddle and Danielle Gibbs took 9th and 10th, respectively, and Maggie Queen came in 15th place.

MacKenzie Kelly, Ella Mitchell, and Brianna Brownsell placed 21st, 22nd, and 23rd respectively.

In the girls’ second run, McKenzie Liddle placed first with a time of 46.52 seconds. Lexie Haehl placed 5th in the second run with Mara Gaffney taking 6th, and Camry Liddle taking 9th place.With a time of 70.01 seconds, Maggie Queen placed 13th, and Lauren Holt came in 14th with a time of 70.91 seconds. Jessica Hannah placed 16th, Brianna Brownsell came in 20th, and Ella Mitchell took 23rd place.

Jessica Hannah sets herself for a run

Dan Heroux took first place for both boys’ runs with times of 43.24 and 42.33 seconds, with West Tickner close behind in second with times of 43.56 and 42.70 seconds.

While they might have lost the third and eighth place spots, Corey Down, Griffin Kleps, John Gaffney, and Carter Lawrence, Cy Barkauskas, and Adam Levi kept the boys in all other top ten spots. And with a time of 68 seconds, Hunter Lawrence placed 70th.

In the second race, Carter Lawrence took 4th place with a time of 45.92, and Cy Barkauskas came in 5th with a time of 47.26 seconds. Cory Down and Hunter Lawrence came in 6th and 7th, and Connor Glasser took the 9th place position.

Also placing were Adam Levi, whocame in 11th, John Gaffney who placed 12th, and Griffin Kleps who took 16th place.


Previously, on Monday, January 16, all of the teams raced at Snow Ridge where they once again took first place honors.

In the girls’ first run, first place honors went to Lauren Holt (41.68 seconds); 2nd place, McKenzie Liddle (43.00 seconds); 5th place, Lexi Haehl; Jessica Hannah took 10th; 12th place, Camry Liddle; 13th place, Mara Gaffney; and 15th place, Danielle Gibbs. Maggie Queen placed 18th, MacKenzie Kelly, 24th; Brianna Brownsell, 25th; and Ella Mitchell, 29th.

Winning first place in the second run was McKenzie Liddle with a time of 40.94 seconds. Lexie Haehl placed 6th, Jessica Hannah took 10th, and Camry Liddle placed 12th. Placing 15th was Danielle Gibbs; 16th, Mara Gaffney; with Maggie Queen, 24th; Ella Mitchell, 25th; and MacKenzie Kelly, 26th. Brianna Brownsell rounded out her team by placing 29th in the second run.

The individual results in the boys’ first run showed West Tickner with first place (38.46); 2nd place, Dan Heroux (38.78); 4th place, Griffin Kleps (40.38); 6th, Corey Down (40.77); 7th, Carter Lawrence (40.85); 8th, John Gaffney (40.92); 9th, Cy Barkauskas (40.97); 10th, Conner Glasser (41.53); and Adam Levi in 12th with a time of 44.43 seconds.

In the second run, Dan Heroux took 1st place (38.10); 2nd, West Tickner(38.39); 6th place, Griffin Kleps (39.86); 8th, Cy Barkauskas (40.37); 10th, Corey Down (40.86); 11th, John Gaffney (41.07); 12th, Carter Lawrence (41.14); 14th, Conner Glasser (42.01); 15th, Hunter Lawrence (42.40); 17th, Adam Levi (45.34); and Adam Winslow came in 20th with a time of 46.35 seconds.


Earlier in the season, on Wednesday, January 11, the Town of Webb Alpine Ski Team competed at Woods Valley against Holland Patent, South Lewis, Lowville, and Manlius Pebble Hill. Both the Old Forge girls and the boys teams took first place. There were 33 competitors in each race.

In the girls’ first run, McKenzie Liddle placed 1st (36.88); Lauren Holt, 7th (39.91); Lexi Haehl, 9th (41.59); Jessica Hannah, 10th (42.65); Mara Gaffney, 14th (44.10); Camry Liddle, 16th (45.50); Mackenzie Kelly, 25th (59.83); Brianna Brownsell, 29th (66.48), Ella Mitchell, 30th (67.28); and Danielle Gibbs, 31st (92.44).

In the girls’ second run, McKenzie Liddle took 1st place (37.51); 5th place, Lauren Holt (39.84); 6th, Jessica Hannah (40.75); 9th, Lexi Haehl (41.10); 12th, Mara Gaffney (43.76); 13th, Camry Liddle (44.76); 26th, Ella Mitchell (57.96); 28th, MacKenzie Kelly (60.56); and in 30th place, Brianna Brownsell (64.59).

In the boys’ first run, Griffin Kleps placed 2nd (37.03); 3rd, Corey Down (37.04); 6th, John Gaffney (40.11); 7th, Connor Glasser (40.32); 8th, Hunter Lawrence (40.73); 9th, Cy Barkauskas (41.64); 11th, Adam Levi (43.24; and14th place, West Tickner (45.77).

In the second run, Dan Heroux took 2nd place (34.46), 4th, West Tickner (35.78); 7th, Griffin Kleps (37.43); 9th, John Gaffney (38.82);10th, Connor Glasser (39.70); 11th, Adam Levi (40.18); 12th, Cy Barkauskas (41.24); 14th, Carter Lawrence (41.77); and in 20th place was Corey Down with a time of 50.02 seconds.

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