Town of Webb: Clerk administers oath to new-term office holders; board organizes for the ’12 session

Supervisor Riehle presided over his first Town of Webb Board meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. Photos by Jay Lawson

At the organizational Meeting held Tuesday, January 3, the Town of Webb Board welcomed and swore in the town’s new Supervisor, Ted Riehle, returning council member J.B. Herron, and Mary Brophy-Moore who will be serving her first term on the town board.

Nanci Russell, Casey Crofut, and Kelly Hunkins were also sworn into their re-elected positions as Town Clerk, Highway Superintendent and Tax Collector, respectively.

Town Clerk Nanci Russell swears in Theodore Riehle, Jr., the Town of Webb's new supervisor

Jack Graham was sworn in as Webb’s new Town Justice. Following the swearing in, a resolution was made and passed by the board regarding the meeting times for 2012, which will remain the same as in 2011, the second Tuesday of the month.

It was also resolved that the Old Forge branch of Community Bank and Adirondack Bank be designated as the official depositories for the Town of Webb.

The board, which alternates yearly between the two local newspapers, designated the Adirondack Express as its legal publication for 2012.

Kevin Birtle, Aaron Silverman, Trevor Tormey, and Katherine Dillon were appointed to the positions of full-time police officers.

Newly elected Councilwoman Mary Brophy-Moore takes her oath of office with Councilman James B. Herron, Jr., who was reelected in November.

The board also appointed part-time officers Devin Hardy, Anthony Sege, Craig Burritt and Russell Brombacher.

The Board also made a resolution designating John Russell, Laura Cooper, Maurice Hudon, Timothy Pylman, Steve Uzdavinis, Andy Getty, Jean Murdock, and Michael Farmer as department heads for the Town of Webb.

Also included in the resolution, based on a recommendation from the town Justices, was the appointment of part-time Court Clerk, Therá Levi and Amber LaFountain to Justices Miller and Graham, respectively.

Dr. Mark Webster, of the Central Adirondack Family Practice, was also appointed as Town of Webb Health Officer for the ensuing year. Supervisor Riehle and Councilman Ross, representing the Town of Webb; Hazel Delivia, representing the Health Center Fund; Clark Siemen, Supervisor of Long Lake; and Supervisor John Frey of Inlet were also all appointed to theProfessional Offices Board of Directors. Councilman Ross abstained from voting on the resolution.

Kristy Rubyor held the Bible for her father, Jack Graham, who was sworn to his first term as Town of Webb Justice. Jack, a retired law enforement officer was surprised by several former colleagues, who traveled to Old Forge to witness his swearing in, among them Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol.

Sheila Rivet, a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, was appointed to temporarily serve on the board until the Town Board advertises for and finds a replacement. Jim Zurakowski of Eagle Bay was appointed ZBA chairman.

Marcia Barker of Old Forge was appointed chairwoman of the Planning Board.

Supervisor Riehle, who will also be acting Police Commissioner, then went on to list the appointments of Supervisor’s Committees.

Supervisor Riehle reaffirmed the Webb and Central Adirondack Communities Health Care Research Committee which was recently appointed under former Supervisor Robert Moore.

The committee will be chaired by Greg O’Hara of the Town of Webb Health Center Fund Board; Councilman Mike Ross; Councilwoman Kate Russell; Hazel Dellavia, President of the Town of Webb Health Center Fund; Laura Cooper, Supervisory Registered Nurse for the professional offices; and Town of Webb residents Barbara Green and Roger Pratt. Councilwoman Russell was also appointed to the McCauley Mountain Committee, the Parks and Recreation Committee, the Committee for Assessing Zoning and Code Enforcement, and the Highway Committee.

Councilwoman Moore was also appointed to the McCauley and Code Enforcement Committees, as well as to the Publicity Committee. Councilman Ross was also appointed to the Publicity Committee as well as to Parks and Recreation, the Committee for the Department of Public Works and Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Committee to Maintain the Snowmobile Trails.

Additionally, Councilman J.B. Herron was appointed to the Committees for the Department of Public Works and Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Highway Committee, as well as the Committee to Maintain the Snowmobile Trails.

According to Supervisor Riehle, the goals of these appointments and committees are to facilitate communication throughout the different departments within the Town of Webb. Nanci T. Russell was also appointed by the board as the Public Access Officer for the Town of Webb.

The three received bids for hauling recyclables from the Town of Webb Transfer Station to a location designated by the Herkimer County Solid Waste Authority were opened and read by Nanci Russell.

Shue Bros. offered a bid of $300 per load per year, and Fehrer Rubbish Removal proposed a bid of $350.

The lowest bid was from Rauscher Bros. proposed a three-year contract which would consist of load hauling for $235 for the year from January 1 through December 31, 2012, with a $5 per load increase in 2013, and another $5 per load increase in 2014.

Following discussion, Councilman Herron made a motion to the board to approve the resolution for accepting the Rauscher bid.

It was seconded by Councilwoman Russell and passed by the board.

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