Old Forge: Two personal growth workshops slated

Gary Gemmill, Ph.D. and Linda Valette will lead two upcoming personal growth workshops, Jump Starting Your Life: The Process of Transforming the Self.

The weekend-long workshops will assist participants in creating a better understanding of their inner selves so they can relate better in their personal and professional relationships.

The program will draw from the techniques outlined in the book, View from the Cosmic Mirror: Reflections of the Self in Every Day Life, which was co-authored by Gemmill and fellow psychologist, George Krauss, Ph.D.

The book examines how the perceptions of others affects how we see and treat others—and how others see and treat us.

Gemmill is a Professor Emeritus of psychology at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management where he has conducted personal growth programs for MBA students.

His work is not limited to the classroom however, as he leads similar programs for business professionals—as well as those in the private sector—across the country and world-wide.

As a 30-year aesthetic services professional, Linda Valette has served as a motivational speaker for the past 25 years.

An international educator in the field of aesthetics, she has conducted lectures on customer/client communication, linguistics, and body language.

“Through the program, you will learn how to express with more clarity what is truly important to you, and relate to yourself and others in a more engaging way,” Valette said.

Gemmill and Valette will be assisted by veteran instructors June and Doug Georgia.

There are two opportunities for participation in the workshops which will be held at 165 Park Ave. in Old Forge.

The first will be held October 21 to 23, and the second will be held the weekend of November 4 to 6.

The program will begin Friday at 7:30 p.m., continue throughout the day and early evening on Saturday, and will conclude on Sunday at 1 p.m.

The fee is $125. A deposit of $50 is due by the registration deadline of Monday, October 10. The workshop is limited to 12 individuals, so early registration is recommended.

For more information or to register, call (315) 369-3451.

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