Area assessors file tentative rolls: Property owners asked to review data, note concerns

The Town of Webb Tentative Assessment Roll for 2011 has been completed and will be available for inspection by property owners from May 2 to May 24, according to Assessor Jean Murdock.

Murdock said this will give property owners a chance to determine if there have been any changes in their assessment this year.

If a problem is believed to exist, a property owner can file a complaint and make an appointment to appear before the Board of Assessment on May 24 to present their case.

Property owners with a grievance who are unable to attend the hearing—including those that live out of town—may present their complaint by mail to have it reviewed.

The board will hear all of the cases on May 24 and then meet again to review a recording of the session and their notes before making their decision.

“As the assessor, I sit in on the initial sessions, but I don’t participate in the sessions when the decisions are made,” said Murdock.

The Board of Assessment will notify property owners about its decisions within 30 days, and any changes that are determined by the board will be reflected on the Final Assessment Role issued July 1, according to Murdock.

Property owners will begin receiving data mailers by the end of June in preparation of the revaluation of all properties in 2012.

“And I cannot over emphasize the importance of their need to review it and document any changes and then return it to us,” she said, adding that if there are any questions or concerns, now is the time to address them—not next spring when KOW Appraisers will be conducting appraisals of town properties and developing property values.

“The time to tell us is in June or July of this year, so that we will have an opportunity to go out to look at the property and meet the property owner on site to review whatever their concerns are—not next March when the snow is up to the windows,” Murdock said.

The Tentative Assessment Roll will also be available for review at the Town of Webb Clerk’s Office and at

The Towns of Inlet and Forestport have also announced that Tentative Assessments have been filed. Likewise, property owners in those municipalities are asked to review their property data and bring any concerns to their respective local assessor.

Tim Durkin is assessor in the Town of Inlet. He said the tentative roll can be reviewed by the public from May 2 through May 24 at the Town Clerk’s office.

Dean Burth is assessor for the Town of Forestport, whose roll will also be available for examination in his office on any business day starting May 2, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Burth has also announced a schedule of days and times through May 18, when he will be available to sit with property owners and answer questions. [Forestport’s complete office schedule appears on Page 19]

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