Monthly creative writing and reading event to be held at Five Corners Café

Local writer Melissa Macdonald will lead a new monthly event geared toward creative writing and reading.

On the first Tuesday of each month, 5 Corners Café will host an open reading from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and is inviting all interested writers, readers and listeners to attend.

The format will be that of a traditional open-mic night (though without a microphone). 

Those interested in reading will sign-up at the beginning of the evening.

Depending on the number of readers, it will be known about how much time each can spend sharing with the audience.

Readings can be original work, such as poetry, short fiction, commentary, essays, humor, lyrics or music—or the work of other authors.

Writers who are interested in trying out new material are encouraged to attend and share their progress.

Event organizer and group leader, Melissa Macdonald explained why she is lending her talents to the project, saying “The written/spoken word is most important in our present technological times, the spoken/written word creates volumes. We all need the “now” of words that come to us as a community or as a lonely soul. It matters not if they are our words or others, only that the words come to us and give us comfort and courage.”

The experiment is intended to be an informal gathering, for those sharing work, and those who attend to listen.

Snacks and a cash bar serving beer and wine will be available.

Mark your calendars for January 5, February 1, and March 1st.

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