Pumpkin Fest organizers say thanks

On behalf of the Central Adirondack Association, Souvenir Village and Mountain Greenery we would like to say “Thank You” to the following for their help with this year’s Pumpkin Fest: 

Kinney Drugs for the candy donation, Old Forge Camping Resort for the use of their trailer/”hay wagon”, DiOrio’s for the apple cider, Town of Webb Key Club Members – Rachel Smith, Fern Bailey and Cullen Rose for their time, Stevie Uzdavinis and the Town of Webb for the use of the McCauley Mountain Chalet, Mike Farmer (best Kitty Cat face painter ever!), Barb Uzdavinis and Kevin Kress (for being on stand-bye for us).

And a “Thank You” to all those that ventured out on a cold, wet, dreary afternoon to carve a pumpkin and get their faces painted!

Laurie Barkauskas, Chip Kiefer, Kate Russell

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