Candidate Brooker: Concerns of Webb residents

An Open Letter to Voters in the Town of Webb:

As the campaign rolls along and I am out on the streets listening to the concerns of the residents of the Town of Webb, I am hearing all kinds.

I have found that people, when asked if they have any concerns, usually have one or two if given time to think for a moment. 

One story involved a potentially life threatening intersection hazard created by the location of the Eagle Bay Welcome Center entrance off the Big Moose Road.

During the busy summer traffic season it seems some people leaving the facility are making left turns onto the Big Moose Road, to then go south on Route 28. They are darting out of the entrance to cut into the line of traffic stopped at the intersection.

The life threatening hazard occurs when a motorist traveling south on Route 28 takes the right onto the Big Moose Road. There, he or she could instantly encounter a cross-ways vehicle or one just pulling out of the Welcome Center exit.

I have looked at this area and see the problem and the potential that exists for a dangerous accident. Something has to be done to make it safer.

Part of the problem has to do with the exit onto Big Moose Road being too close to the corner of Route 28.

This doesn’t allow enough reaction time for a motorist in the above scenario.

The issue should have been considered in the facility’s initial planning stages.

One of my first efforts on the Town Council would be to fix this problem. If agencies need to be consulted for possible rerouting of traffic from the Welcome Center, I would get the communication going on this.

As a private citizen I am also glad to help work toward this solution.

Thank you to all the people that have taken time to answer my question: “Do you have any issues you would like addressed?”

I am approachable as a candidate and will be approachable as your representative on the Town Board. I think its important to create positive connections between the residents and the town government.

I welcome anyone with comments, concerns and ideas to come to Brooker Hardware. I am interested in hearing from you.


Bill Brooker, Old Forge

Candidate for 

Town of Webb Council

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