LETTER: God’s creation at very end of summer, beginning of fall

To The Editor:

It seems that some signs of fall often come earlier than you expect: one summer day the corn is growing tall and tomatoes are mostly still green. The sunflower plant heads are still following the sun across the sky. The grass has stopped growing and has turned light brown.

Then it happens: A heavy late summer rain washes over the land and overnight it awakens or transforms so many garden plants into a new season. The corn is now ready to harvest. Tomatoes are ready to pick. Sunflowers fix their gaze on one spot and then bend their head down. The grass turns quickly green and starts to really grow again. Mums have started to bloom and kale is beginning to change color.

Tall artichoke plants are starting to show their “wild sunflowers” and the beauty of God’s creation is still evident at the very end of summer and the beginning of fall.

Robert L. Oberst,


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