Eagle Bay restrooms project on hold pending state permits

Phase two of the multi-phase TOBIE Trail project includes the construction of public restrooms and a distribution area for informational materials and brochures on the site of the former Thibado Garage and Service Station in Eagle Bay.

While the Town of Webb Board was hopeful that groundbreaking for the facility would take place this fall, Councilman Mike Ross announced at the September 13 Board Meeting that due to complications beyond the board’s control, that was no longer the case.

“At the July meeting I was quoted as saying that it was going to happen this year—and we all thought it would. We budgeted for it and are going forward with the plan 100%. It’s just taking more time,” Ross said.

During last week’s Town of Webb Candidate Forum, Councilman Richard Risley said the engineering phase of the project is complete but the permitting process is not.

Once the permitting process has been completed, Phase two will move forward as planned.

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