Voters: Please elect councilpersons that recognize our regional treasures

To the Editor:

At what point do we say enough! Is it the three or four boats that exceed the State noise limits by a factor of 10 or more and annoy and irritate hundreds of taxpayers who own properties on the lakes.

For some reason, these few boats can’t or won’t be stopped and kicked off the lakes. How about the boats that continue to ignore speed limits near docks endangering swimmers and producing wake that requires additional maintenance to docks and shorelines.  

Maybe it’s the seven new driveways onto South Shore Road that destroyed acres of forest in order to gain individual access to newly subdivided land.

We have a relative who is a camp owner in the middle of that mess. Eight owners on our road share one access just fine with far lower maintenance costs.

Then there is clear cutting large areas to build “spectacular” camps that are rarely visited and often sold off in a few years when the novelty wears off.

But the damage is done—the trees are gone and the fertilized lawns on lake properties pollute the waters for everyone.

Could it be bright yard lights around the lakes that are dimming the sky view that’s already invisible in the cities? Perhaps it’s all of these and more.

It is said that older people resist change, which is likely true. Many things have changed and many have not since we bought our camp 40 years ago.

But this isn’t about change, it’s about preserving a beautiful place, maybe unique in all the world, that the majority of people visit to get away from the noise and excesses of “city” life.

I hope the voters in the Towns of Webb and Inlet will select persons in the fall elections for their town boards who realize what a treasure they have here—people who want to keep the Fulton Chain and the Adirondacks the special place that it is.

The majority of us live and vote elsewhere. All we can do here is enjoy the mountains, forest and lakes, support the local stores, businesses and restaurants and, of course, pay most of the taxes. That, I think, entitles us to comment.

Peter Rankin

Old Forge and Syracuse

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