Board receives outside audit of Town of Webb’s finances

The Town of Webb Board passed a resolution at the monthly Board meeting on Tuesday, September 13, acknowledging the receipt of the completed audit of the 2010 financial records for the Town of Webb.

The motion was presented by Town Supervisor Robert Moore and was made a motion by Councilwoman Russell and was seconded by Councilman Ross.

The audit, prepared for the Town of Webb by the accounting firm of Moore and Hart, took a look at the general financial records, highway funds, all of the special districts, the office of the Town Clerk, as well as the Justice Court.

“It looks like all of our financial records are in good shape. There are some recommendations that the board has to consider, nothing serious though. Overall, it looks like everything came out pretty well,” Councilman Mike Ross said of the audit results.

It is the opinion of Moore and Hart that the financial statements, in all material respects, are in conformity with the generally accepted accounting principles.

Copies of the audits are available to the public through the Clerk’s Office, according to Town Clerk Nanci Russell.

Those interested in obtaining a copy may fill out a file request for the audit, which will cost twenty-five cents per page.

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